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The Bell & Ross RS17 Watch Review


Last year, Bell & Ross stepped in to the prestigious world of motor racing - a successful move that has inspired the launch of the new extreme RS17 chronograph collection - a title standing for Renault Sport 2017. The collaboration with Renault F1 is a natural fit due to their shared passion for mechanical engineering, accuracy and speed. Both brands strive for precision paying close attention to the smallest of details for an exceptional performance. Both always racing against the clock. At Baselworld 2017, Bell & Ross released a trio of fierce, powerful pieces inspired by the partnership. 


On first glance, their use of bold, primary colours leaps from the dial. The yellow shade nods to the Renault team colour linking the trio of sporting masterpieces. Similarly to aviation, the F1 utilises colour coding on the steering wheel to class the different functions, which Bell & Ross have transferred to the watch platform. The mix of vivid shades serves as a purpose to clearly distinguish the functions on the chronograph as well as creating a bold, striking aesthetic. A concept that leaves little room for error as the driver can recognise the colours instantly.




The highly legible dials directly echo the steering wheel of the dynamic Renault racing car. The BR03 features a carbon fibre dial inspired by the F1 steering wheel and is framed by a ceramic case; a hard material found on the brakes of racing cars due it's resistance to high temperatures. However, the BRX1 models flange absorbs the colour of the dial wheel at the centre of the F1 RS17 steering wheel and is encased in Carbone Forge, ceramic and rubber adding a distressed, robust edge. Carbone Forge is an innovative, lightweight material that can withstand extreme stress ideal for Formula 1 and sport watches alike. 


The Bell & Ross RS17 collection is an innovative, powerful, sporting collection that makes an impact on the wrist. Absorbing the Renault influence, the trio fuse unique, extreme F1 materials with impeccable design; a bold yet sophisticated example of watchmaking that holds precision in pride of place. The speed intensity, slick nature and innovative approach of motor racing is very much alive in their latest sports collection made entirely of chronographs; a complication that is vital to the exclusive racing world to accurately measure speeds enhancing the performance of the vehicle. 



Bell & Ross Watch BR-X1 Tourbillion RS17



High complication movement (mono-pusher tourbillion chronograph) a sophisticated calibre inspired by high powered engines. 


4 day power reserve.


Flying tourbillion - a complex system that improves accuracy. 


Chronograph function in yellow and red / power reserve in green / hours in white Superluminova.


Bell & Ross iconic shape. 


Bell & Ross Watch BR-X1 RS17 




A high tech skeletonised chronograph - a tool for measuring short time intervals.


Activate the chronograph function via the rocker push-buttons made from high-tech ceramic with ergonomic rubber inserts for an improved grip - a nod to racing car tyres. 


Tachymeter scale on bezel to calculate racing speeds.


Chronograph function in yellow/ date in red / sweep seconds in green / hours in white Superluminova for legibility.



Bell & Ross Watch BR-03-94 RS17




Dial crafted from genuine carbon fibre, which is lightweight and resilient. 


Ceramic case designed to withstand shock.


Anodised yellow push-button - easy to operate.


Tacymeter scale on the flange to calculate speeds. 


The BR03 model joined the first F1 partnership.


Iconic Bell & Ross shape.

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