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Davosa Joins Jura Watches


A devotee of exceptional craftsmanship, an acute attention to detail, a drive for distinctiveness and an awareness of cost describes the Swiss watch brand Davosa perfectly; a new member of the Jura team that we are thrilled to have on board. Motivated by watch fanatics themselves, Davosa is committed to build instruments for enthusiasts and lovers of horology. Armed with great expertise and an enthusiasm to match, the brand certainly pleases watch connoisseurs. Let’s delve deeper. 


To guarantee performance Davosa use high-quality components that undergo strict quality controls. Every aspect of the instrument is crafted with the utmost care to ensure an everlasting device that will remain a companion for years to come. Paired with a love for detail, Davosa bring a beautiful aesthetic that guarantees functionality also. 




Balancing perfect proportions with a flair for stunning finishes the Davosa customer happily owns multiple pieces - they are simply to difficult to resist. Especially with an affordable price point, their designs are not out of reach for many. 


With a proud, rich heritage to guide them, Davosa welcomes new concepts and innovative ideas. A huge source of inspiration is the usage of new materials and how they come into play in the watch format. Proudly, Davosa was one of the first brands to use a ceramic bezel for their diver’s watch; an open-minded, contemporary mindset that will continue into the future. 




Invest in the Davosa brand that brings quality, functionality, creative and tradition to the wrist. 

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