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Nomos Glashutte Minimatik Watch Review


The notion that ‘sometimes products need to talk quietly to be heard’ is very relevant in relation to the Nomos Glashutte Minimatik. The well put words from Judith Borowski, head of branding, describes perfectly how the beautifully executed timepiece won the German Design Award marking its fifth consecutive major prize. A recognition of it’s subtle, slender, sophistication harmoniously matched with incredible technical capabilities. Nomos find no need to boldly shout as the exceptional masterpiece quietly speaks volumes in terms of innovation, skill and forward thinking. 


Judith continues: ‘We’re delighted to see our latest model receive so much praise from experts in the field - watches like this bring joy.’


Respected for the design created by Simon Husslein, the Minimatik delivers a sense of calm, skill and simplicity on the wrist. The elegant watch face boasts a minimalism captured by many of Nomos Glashutte’s creations. The blend of a crisp white silver-plated dial that welcomes the fine red hands, delicately precise gold and cyan blue dots and grey numerals creates a balance of harmony and exquisite timekeeping. Framed in the stainless steel slim case and finished with a Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan black leather strap the Minimatik fastens to the wrist elegantly; seeking comfort with the tapered form and flowing lines of the creation.  




At the heart of the design is the automatic DUW 3001; a caliber that is extremely slender introducing an incredibly slim case - a feat that has never been managed before. Of course, accuracy is of a high importance to the brand with the Minimatik guaranteeing utmost precision. 


It is clear to see why the design has been praised with five awards with its drive for innovation and advancement whilst championing a classic, subtle identity. Never loosing sight of their signature style that is recognised by experts as truly beautiful. The future of watchmaking is present without falling for garishly bold concepts to be acknowledged.

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