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Introducing Laco


Always striving to reach new heights since 1925, Laco are passionate about precision, quality and authenticity. Proud of their legacy of nearly 100 years, the aviation inspired brand are believers in tradition yet remain at the forefront of the industry with their innovative spirit that ensures that they are constantly evolving with the times. Never compromising on standards, you can guarantee that a Laco watch is reliable and accurate. Proud of their German heritage that has survived many turbulent times, Laco remain at their Pforzheim base today.


Fascinated with the aviation world, Laco host an impressive collection of pilot watches that belong in the sky and at Jura Watches. Reminiscent of times gone by yet embedded with a contemporary attitude that appeals to a modern audience, a Laco timepiece is at home in the cockpit. Sitting alongside their fleet is an array of maritime inspired designs as well as classics that never go out of style. Let us talk you through some of our favourites.


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Laco Watch Pilot Original Friedrichshafen







Wear a piece of history on your wrist, with the Laco Friedrichshafen that is nostalgic of tradition. During the 1940s, a Laco pilot watch was an essential piece of equipment in the cockpit, which this charming, robust and precise design honours.


Specifications: fixed bezel, leather strap, 13mm case depth, steel case, 45mm case width, black dial, automatic movement, 50M water resistant.


Price: £975 or £18.28 per month.






Laco Watch Navy Cuxhaven







Be transported back in time to the era of the classic pocket watch with the Laco Cuxhaven. The charming navy design takes its cues from the 1940s pocket watch and the timepieces on board the “U1” submarine. It’s well known that seafaring has had an instrumental part to play in the progression of accurate watchmaking.


Specifications: fixed bezel, leather strap, 13mm case depth, steel case, 42.5mm case width, white dial, manual movement, 100M water resistant.


Price: £845 or £15.84 per month.







Laco Watch Squad Amazonas









As versatile as a scorpion, the Laco Amazonas takes on many traits of the creature with its black dial and bezel, longlasting glow in darkness and toughness despite its small size. The design is ready for your next adventure in the tropical rainforest.


Specifications: unidirectional bezel, rubber strap, 13.5mm case depth, steel case, 42mm case width, date display, black dial, automatic movement, 300M water resistant.


Price: £800 or £15.00 per month.







Laco Watch Chronograph Havanna







Stylish, accurate and reliable, the Laco Havana leaves nothing to be desired with its high quality technology and drive for excellence. In all its refinement, the stunning chronograph features the perfect finishing touches that bring function and style to the wrist.


Specifications: fixed bezel, leather strap, 15mm case depth, steel case, 44mm case width, date and day display, white dial, automatic movement, 50M water resistant.


Price: £1600 or £24.00 per month.







Laco Watch Classic Cottbus 40








Every watch collector must own a classic and the Laco Cottbus is the place to start with its clean, simple and timeless aesthetic that follows the prestigious German Bauhaus style. Its minimalistic, easy form is the perfect balance for everyday wear.


Specifications: fixed bezel, leather strap, 10.5mm case depth, steel case, 40mm case width, date display, cream dial, automatic movement, 50M water resistant.


Price: £390 or £29.25 per month.

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