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Introducing Bamford Watches


“If you can imagine it, we can create it!”


Bamford is a watch brand with a difference. Spotting a gap in the market, George Bamford created a hub, which is committed to offering watch enthusiasts the ultimate design through personalisation or their own unique vision. Filling people’s appetite for customisation, the brand followed their gut 15 years ago and have never looked back. 


No timepiece is the same once the talented designers at Bamford have had their hands on it. In collaboration with TAG Heuer, Zenith and Bulgari, Bamford have become the official ‘customiser’ for these luxury brands much to the disapproval of many conservative thinkers who favour tradition over personalisation. However, their concept has been met with huge success encouraging the brand to meet the demands of their admirers and the direction of watchmaking.


The concept all began with George Bamford and his Rolex Daytona. At a dinner party he couldn’t help but notice that half of the attendees were sporting the exact same watch on their wrists. With a desire to own a watch that stands out from the crowd rather than blend in, he asked Rolex to change the colour of the popular steel case to own a rare piece like no other. A DLC coating was applied turning the case completely black, which was admired whilst holidaying in the south of France. He returned to the UK with 25 orders, which was the start of Bamford Watch Department.


Nothing is out of reach for the Bamford team, altering the case coating or dial design to suit the needs of their customers. Situated in Mayfair in a five-storey house, nicknamed ‘The Hive,’ their uniquely furnished headquarters welcomes customers as well as offices and workshops.


As well as their journey into the world of personalisation, Bamford also design their own watches, the most popular being the Mayfair and GMT. What started out as a replacement for the customers whilst their watch was being customised, many grew to adore the Bamford Mayfair during this loan period. A lot of individuals asked to keep the watch, which sparked their idea to begin selling their designs and the start of a new venture.




Bamford Watch Mayfair








Wear everyday without worry, the Bamford Mayfair is stylish and affordable. Taking inspiration from vintage diving watches, the design features a retro aesthetic that appeals to a modern audience.


Specifications: unidirectional bezel, rubber strap, 15mm case depth, black PVD case, 40mm case width, black dial, quartz movement, 100M water resistant.


Price: £425 or £31.87 per month.






Bamford Watch GMT







Travel back in time to the seventies with its cushion shaped case and retro feel. Highly legible at a glance, the Bamford GMT watch is an essential tool whilst jet setting around the world.


Specifications: fixed bezel, steel strap, 11.2mm case depth, steel case, 40mm case width, blue dial, automatic movement, 100M water resistant.


Price: £1100 or £20.62 per month.





Bamford Watch Mayfair Sport








Bright, bold and daring, the Bamford Mayfair Sport brings vibrant colour to every occasion. You will be sure to make a style statement once you fasten their third design to your wrist.


Specifications: unidirectional bezel, rubber strap, 15mm case depth, plastic case, 40mm case width, green dial, quartz movement, 100M water resistant.


Price: £350 or £26.25 per month.

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