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Introducing Allemano Watches

The latest name to join the Jura Watches family is Allemano, an Italian watch manufacturer harnessing the power of Swiss mechanics to create bold, durable, retro-looking watches. As the newest brand to join our ranks, we wanted to take you on a tour through their history and their stunning luxury watch collections…


The History of Allemano Watches


The story of Allemano began in 1856 when Giuseppe Allemano established a factory dedicated to producing steam rollers for roadworks. It wasn’t until 1919 however that production for the company evolved, moving towards measuring instruments for controlling pressure and temperatures that were designed for use on military vehicles and some of the first Italian cars. One of these vehicles was the Fiat 501 Torpedo, the first Italian car to be produced in series, and was equipped with a Allemano pressure gauge.


In 1929, Giuseppe’s son, Felice, transformed the company into Allemano F. & Figli focusing even closer on the machining of precision mechanics, engineering the likes of high precision pressure gauges, thermometers, and dynamometers all of which boasted the iconic Allemano logo still used today. Over the next few years, the Allemano name made its way across the world being used for aviation, as pressure gauges for gasoline and oil control and for the railway and naval sectors. In 1980, they also began specialising in the assembly of underwater water instruments such as hyperbaric chambers, depth gauges and decompressors.



In 2010, another transformation was afoot as Allemano created its own calibration laboratory. Nine years later, and Allemano’s “Time Measurers” were born, a series of stunning luxury wristwatches inspired by the precision instruments of their past. The Allemano 1919 watch collection you see today celebrates their remarkable heritage and especially the famous Fiat 501 Torpedo car that mounted its own Allemano pressure gauge 100 years ago.


The Allemano 1919 Watch Collection


Thanks to the 1919 Collection, a century later, Allemano returns to speak directly to all those who, as then, are looking for emotions and style.”


The Allemano 1919 watch collection is currently characterised by its trio of sub-collections: Man, GMT and Day. All three remember the products of the past with retro markings, large cases and distressed straps- even the packaging is the same as the caskets once used to house the precision instruments of their historic production. Yet despite their vintage aesthetics, Allemano watches promise only the best in modern-day technology. Like their original gauges, their time measurers are made entirely in Italy but now harness the power of Swiss made movements.



Let’s first take a look at the Allemano Man. The brand describes this series as “the best to symbolise the origin of Allemano time” with the familiar aesthetics of the traditional pressure gauges replicated on a wristwatch. The statement cases measure in at 44mm and are available in a variety of finishes in 316L stainless steel including sandblasted, brushed and polished and a choice of a soft black or brown leather straps. At the centre, an antique white or black dial brings to life the original single hand of pressure gauges enriched by seconds and minute indicators. Powering these functions is a rare Swiss manual movement allowing for the retrograde minute compilation to effortlessly rise from 0 to 60 before oscillating backwards to the start again. The Allemano Man watch is the only one in the series to boast a manual winding movement.



As for the Allemano GMT watches, you’ve got another stunning retro-inspired design but one dedicated to the life of travellers and world adventurers. Promising only the best in precision and punctuality, these designs recall a “double scale” pressure gauge with an antique white centre dressed in black hardware, a black railway minutes track and bold red detailing. There are a total of four hands and a date window, all powered by a Swiss automatic movement, offering up the hours, minutes, seconds and second time zone. Like the Man watches above, the Allemano GMT collection opts for 44mm 316L stainless steel cases with a 50 metre water resistant rating, soft leather straps and an exhibition case back.


Last but not least is the Allemano Day watch, the perfect everyday tool evoking the aesthetic of the original standard pressure gauges. They follow closely in style to the GMT watches with 44mm 316L stainless steel cases, 50 metre water resistant ratings, front and back sapphire crystal and a Swiss automatic movement at its core. It’s difference however lies largely in its functionality with a classic time and date display laid out on a smooth black dial. To complete the Allemano Day watches, a soft brown or black Italian leather strap is provided alongside a folding buckle in steel coordinated with the finish of the case.



If you’d like to learn more about Allemano watches and shop the collections for yourself, head over to the Jura Watches website today. Alternatively, get in touch with the team by calling 01335 453453 or send us a message at

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