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How To Clean Your Watch To Help Prevent Against Coronavirus

In the wake of the spreading coronavirus, now might be the right time to give your watch the clean it has needed for a while. We are being reminded daily to wash our hands, but what about the jewellery, watches and fitness trackers that sit right on our wrists? The COVID-19 virus has been found to survive on plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours, so it is more important than ever to ensure your watch is cleaned thoroughly to avoid the spread of infection.


Even when there isn’t a world-wide pandemic, your watch is an easy target for germs and bacteria to live. It could be perspiration, a sneeze, sunscreen or spilled beer, when you’re spending your hard earned cash on a timepiece, it’s worth making sure it is well-cared for. Experts are suggesting that before washing your hands, you should always remove your rings, jewellery and watch to make sure you are cleaning all the hidden nooks and crevices you may usually miss. Then, you should go about cleaning each item separately.


Cleaning your watch

Most watches can be cleaned using warm water, soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Simply dip the toothbrush in the soapy water, and gently brush over the top of the watch face and case back. You do not need to scrub the brush harshly, just gently remove any dirt and dust that has built up over time. You can also use a moistened cotton bud to get into some of the narrower crevices. Straps can also be wiped down with soap and warm water, and dependant on the material, it may be useful to let your strap soak for a while.


Before cleaning your watch, we highly recommend you check its water resistant rating and if your watch is old or vintage, it may be best to take it into a professional jewellery store including any of the Jura Watches boutiques. Additionally, when cleaning your watch, do not be tempted to remove any of the components including the glass or back as this could damage the components inside.


Cleaning your smartwatch

To clean a fitness tracker or smartwatch, it is best to avoid soapy water unless the manufacturer has advised you can do so. You can remove the strap and soak these in water and soap, however for the main electrical component, you should use an alcohol or disinfectant wipe. Take care not to allow any moisture into the charging point or any other small fissures.


Once again, if you are unsure about cleaning your watch yourself, leave it to the pros. Drop it off at one of your local jewellers including any Jura Watches boutique where we can give your watch a deep clean for you. We also provide comprehensive watch servicing and a variety of watch repair options including battery changes, watch glass replacements, new watch straps, dial restorations and other types of watch refurbishment.


For those still concerned about the spread of the Coronavirus, we recommend reading some of our smartwatch guides that explain how smartwatches can help with the detection of viruses. By wearing a smartwatch like a Garmin Fenix 6 or a Garmin MARQ, you can reduce the risk of spread by monitoring your heart rate, Pulse Ox, sleep pattern and more. Read more about this here.

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