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Grand Seiko Sport Godzilla 65th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Review


Beware of the new Grand Seiko Sport Godzilla 65th Anniversary Limited Edition inspired by Japan’s iconic monster, Godzilla. Set to be a roaring success, Grand Seiko nod to the creature on their new striking design that celebrates two anniversaries – the launch of the Spring Drive and Godzilla’s debut. Surprisingly, Grand Seiko share many similarities with the king of all monsters making the collaboration the perfect fit.


Grand Seiko and Godzilla go way back! First released in 1954, the debut film is set in Ginza, which is the birthplace of the Seiko brand. The iconic scene where Godzilla demolishes the famous clock tower that sits above the Wako department store, is a retail establishment of Seiko’s that opened to the public in 1952 – a scene that is recreated on the transparent case back by co-director and special effects director of the 2016 movie Shin Godzilla, Shinji Higuchi. He successfully created a new Godzilla for the illustration called the “Grand Godzilla”. The silhouette captures the inspiration perfectly with the craftsmanship of Grand Seiko offering a beautiful backdrop.





Fierce and powerful, the limited edition of 650 pieces brings the creature to life on the wrist. The rays of the red dial nod to Godzilla’s roar and the “heat ray beam” that he fires towards his opponent. Fastened with a black and red shark strap, the new release mirrors the rough texture of the enormous beast’s skin.


It’s been 20 years since the Spring Drive was released and Grand Seiko celebrate with a sports watch that brings a new level of performance with the calibre 9R15 that has a high shock and temperature resistance. With enhanced precision of 0.5 second a day and a dial designed with high legibility, you can always rely on the limited edition that is the perfect ally for the professional or budding athlete that is super comfortable on the wrist.





Available in November 2019, the Grand Seiko Sport Godzilla 65th Anniversary Limited Edition brings strength, power and fearlessness to the wrist by taking influence from a legendary Japanese character known worldwide. Never compromising on elegance and precision, Grand Seiko merge the two anniversaries seamlessly.

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