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Cillian Murphy and Peggy Gou Showcase Montblanc’s New UltraBlack Collection

What is your passion? Does it move you? Does it make you the person you are? Montblanc believes so. If you’re enthusiastic about something enough to pursue it, you will create your own definition of success. Some professionals have single-handedly crafted their own success. The two latest Mark Makers to join the Montblanc family and endorse the products they feel equally passionate about are actor, Cillian Murphy and DJ, Peggy Gou. They will sport some of the new creations to evolve from Montblanc’s innovative UltraBlack collection.


Montblanc’s latest tagline “What moves you, makes you” inspires people to find their passion and their strengths and to express their full potential. The brand chooses successful individuals as a portal to convey this message who tell their own stories as “Mark Makers”. Previous individuals are those such as writer Chen Kun, actress Xin Zhi Lei, award-winning director Spike Lee and actor Taron Egerton. Now joining these names are Cillian Murphy and Peggy Gou. Vincent Montalescot from Montblanc’s EVP Marketing team further explains;


“Cillian and Peggy are both Mark Makers, inspiring individuals who embody the ethos of Montblanc. They are both living proof that when you do what inspires you with audacity and creativity, you lead a more fulfilling life. In their own original ways, they both leave their mark in the world through their artistry and creativity, always driven by their passions and a higher purpose,”.



Ever since Cillian Murphy picked up a book, his appreciation for a well-written piece of script and his understanding of the power behind the written word was evident. The Irish actor understood that his performance must alter an audience. Although the heartthrob has experienced success in films such as Inception and Dunkirk, his cut-glass cheekbones and piercing blue eyes have stolen the hearts of much of the female population. With a cigarette dancing on his bottom lip and a whisky in hand, the guy simply smoulders. He goes on to say;


“Emotion of the story is the thing that is key for me. If I don’t feel altered by the story and the truth of the performance then it hasn’t worked for me as a performer and a viewer”.


Montblanc also welcomes record label-founder and fashion entrepreneur DJ Peggy Gou to the party. Forged an identity for herself has she, with her performances that can unite an audience in seconds. She explains;


"Something should move you to be better. To do better. If you don't feel that, I feel like you are in a safe zone and you should find something that moves you. Always".



And Montblanc is always striving to do better. Refusing to stand still, the manufacturer has released the new UltraBlack collection to celebrate a colour that has always been there. Always been a part of the brand’s catalogue. A staple ingredient in Montblanc’s selection of writing instruments. Black is one of the two colours of the company’s emblem. Shiny barrels, caps and dials have represented some of Montblanc’s most classic interpretations of luxury goods, elegant timepieces and timeless leather products. Now it takes centre stage in an all-black cross-category collection that inspires thoughts of flexibility, style and of course, versatility.


These new Montblanc UltraBlack products give each Move Maker a platform to stand on to tell their story of success. The range includes the Montblanc UltraBlack Leather Collection featuring designs that have been inspired by the brand’s archive of classics – each one stamped with the original “M” pattern. The collection also includes some StarWalker UltraBlack Writing Instruments; a precious resin edition in all-black and a Doué edition with a black resin barrel – both of which are available as a ballpoint, fineliner or fountain pen. Part of the new UltraBlack Montblanc collection includes a new Geosphere watch with contrasting grey and white elements. The watch features the Geosphere’s innovative northern and southern hemisphere globes and cathedral hands, surrounded by the familiar compass points on the bezel. In addition to this, Montblanc releases a new leather strap for the Summit Lite Aluminium Smartwatch as part of the collection. Tailored especially for fitness and well-being, the smartwatch’s 43mm recycled aluminium case and its special UltraBlack colour watch face looks superb when fitted with the new M pattern-embossed black leather strap.



To learn more about Montblanc’s “What Moves you, Makes you” campaign and the recent launches within the new UltraBlack collection, you can visit the range at Jura Watches here.

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