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Best Way To Clean Watches To Prevent Virus Spread

Whether you are staying safe in quarantine or you are one of the brave keyworkers out there keeping the country running, Jura Watches thanks you. While the news and social media is reminding us all to wash our hands, we wanted to give you some helpful advice on how best to clean your watches and jewellery to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


It is more important than ever to ensure your watch is cleaned thoroughly, since studies have shown that the COVID-19 can survive on hard surfaces like plastic and metal for up to 72 hours. So whether you have just come back from the supermarket or you have finished a day at work, we strongly advise giving your hands and watch a good clean before doing anything else.


Cleaning your watch


Cleaning your watch is super easy and can be done with basic essentials you have in the home; all you will need is some warm water, soap and a soft bristled toothbrush. Simply dip the toothbrush in warm soapy water and brush gently over the watch face and case back. Be careful not to scrub harshly, you just need to gently remove any dirt that has built up over time. We also recommend using a moistened cotton bud to clean some of the narrower crevices. However, do not remove any of the watch components like the glass or case back!


You can also wipe down metal bracelets, leather and rubber straps with soap and warm water, and dependant on the material, you can also leave your strap to soak for a while to remove more persistent dirt. As always, make sure to check your manufacturer’s guide and/or website before cleaning your watch and check your watch has a water resistant rating that allows you to use water.


For smartwatches, check with the manufacturer that using water and soap is safe. But if you’re unsure, we recommend using an alcohol or disinfect wipe to gentle wipe down the electronic component to remove and kill any bacteria. Just be careful not to allow any moisture into the charging point or any other small fissure. If the strap on your smartwatch is removable, you can still clean this with warm soapy water.


If at any point you feel are unsure cleaning your watch yourself, leave it to the pros. Drop it off at one of your local jewellers including any Jura Watches boutique where we can give your watch a deep clean for you. We also provide comprehensive watch servicing and a variety of watch repair options including battery changes, watch glass replacements, new watch straps, dial restorations and other types of watch refurbishment.


For those still concerned about the spread of the Coronavirus, we recommend reading some of our smartwatch guides that explain how smartwatches can help with the detection of viruses. By wearing a smartwatch like a Garmin Fenix 6 or a Garmin MARQ, you can reduce the risk of spread by monitoring your heart rate, Pulse Ox, sleep pattern and more. Read more about this here.

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