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How Smart Watches Can Assist With Early Virus Detection

Smartwatches are fantastic for a variety of reasons. They can track our sleeping patterns, send texts without us even having to reach for our phones, provide us with personalised fitness plans and pay for things with a simple swipe. But what many people don’t know is that smartwatches can help with the early detection of viruses and other illnesses that can greatly affect our health and wellbeing.


Viruses are particularly important to catch as soon as possible since the easily spread and can greatly affect the lives of vulnerable friends and family around us. Knowing that smartwatches can help with early detection can also remove a lot of the pressure we put on ourselves to be constantly monitoring our bodies for symptoms. Instead, make use of some these incredible smartwatch features that can help assist with early virus detection.



Our heart rate is highly indicative of changes in our body and although these monitors are usually used to track our pulse during exercise, they can also be invaluable in telling us when something might be wrong. A study done by Stanford University in California followed 40 volunteers over two years who wore smartwatches to monitor their physical health. They found that even before the participant felt symptoms, the smartwatch picked up on an increased heart rate which led to the diagnosis of an illness.


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A Pulse Ox feature, otherwise known as a blood oxygen monitor, is used to display your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels. They are usually used by climbers or hikers for altitude acclimation, but they can also be essential in monitoring our health and the effects illnesses have on the levels of oxygen in our blood. For example, many illnesses carry symptoms like difficulty breathtaking so by monitoring your levels through a Pulse Ox feature on a smartwatch, you may be able to spot changes before more noticeable symptoms even occur.


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Monitoring your sleep can also notify you of any changes in your body. This fantastic feature allows you to track your sleep duration, sleep quality, sleep phases and some even record environmental and lifestyle factors that may affect your sleep pattern. If you notice that your sleep is becoming more disrupted than usual, it could be a sign you are becoming ill and waking due to fevers or sore throats.


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Some high-tech smartwatches are equipped with skin or body temperature monitors, usually used by athletes so they can ensure they don’t exceed the healthy limit and overexert themselves. However, smartwatches with temperature gauges can be valuable tools in warning us of changes in our body, especially when many viruses come with symptoms like fever and high temperatures.


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Please note: While smart watches and other devices can help provide fantastic indication of changes to your health, if you are concerned about any results found or symptoms you are experiencing we always recommend that you seek advice from a GP or medical professional.

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