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Why Choose a Pocket Watch?


Pocket watches are making a comeback.


Once upon a time every young gentleman received a pocket watch for his 21st birthday. But since the 1970s, sales have been in severe decline.


That is, until the past couple of years. Since 2011, pocket watches have been on the ascendancy.


Why chose a pocket watch in the 21st century?


A Short History of Pocket Watches


Pocket watches are the world's oldest type of watch. Invented in the 16th century, and called "clock-watches", they were the size of a small clock, and worn on a neck chain. Only the richest aristocracy and merchants could afford them.


By the late 17th century, the watches were streamlined to fit into waistcoat pockets. The shape was rounded and flattened, with sharp edges removed. This new design would remain in place for over 350 years, to the present day.


In the 19th century, the American Watch Company developed a method for producing 50,000 pocket watches a year, making them more widely available and affordable. They became crucial for keeping time on America's emerging railroad network.


Even so, pocket watches have always been an item of luxury.


The widespread replacement of pocket watches with wristwatches only began in the 20th century. Wristwatch was invented in 1868, but until the 20th century it was seen as feminine and unmanly.


What Does A Pocket Watch Say About You?


Pocket watches aren't for everybody. Compared to wristwatches, they're heavy and impractical. They take up space in your pocket, and mechanical pocket watches need regular winding.


But for the people who own a pocket watch, it's a love affair. Having a pocket watch is an act of devotion.


All watches make a statement about your personality, who are you are, your loves and passions. That's why we take special care over choosing the right watch. But pocket watches, breaking away from normal timekeeping, make an especially big statement.


What does having a pocket watch say about you?


  • You care about tradition. You're fascinated by history, and believe we can learn a lot by delving back into the past. The golden days gone by are as important to you as the rapidly changing present.
  • You're sophisticated. Pocket watches demonstrate style and panache. Wearing a pocket watch is a brave statement.
  • You have good attention to detail. Everyone who wears a watch cares about precision, but choosing a pocket watch shows you take that dedication one step further.
  • You're creative and imaginative. You have a sense of mystery and adventure. You know how to tell a good story, and you've got some great stories to share.
  • You're good with your hands. Pocket watches are tactile, they feel good in your hand, and mechanical pocket watches need regular winding.


A pocket watch says you're traditional, elegant and imaginative.


Yet as the recent launch of the Wenger Traveler Pocket shows, pocket watches can be practical as well as sophisticated.


Are you tempted by a pocket watch? Take a look at our collection.

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