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Bell & Ross Watch Celebrates 100 Years of the SPA 3


Bell & Ross supported the French Air Force to celebrate 100 years of the SPA 3 'Guynemer', the oldest of the 1/2 fighter squadron 'Storks'.

"With its collections being an inherent part of the history of military watches, Bell & Ross had a duty to pay tribute to this squadron which, since 1912, has never lost its lustre and has always known how to adapt to technological and material upgrades," the brand says.

The event, held on 28th September 2012, included an evening dinner dance where a Bell & Ross watch was awarded as a raffle prize.

The 100th anniversary of the SPA 3 coincided with La journée des Cigognes, a reunion of former Stork pilots that takes place every two years. The event began with a ceremony that paid tribute to the SPA 3 squadron that trained the most famous names in the French Air Force, including Guynemer, Dorme, Heurtaux and Deullin.
Guests were then treated to an air parade that included the Rafale Solo Display, the patrouille de France in its Alpha Jets, the Air Force's aerobatic flying team in an Extra 330, and a Swiss F18. Four Mirage 2000-5 from the 1/2 'Storks' fighter squadron brought the parade to a close.

On the ground, guests viewed an exhibition of military jets from the past and present, including a Blériot, a Vampire, a Spitfire, a Transall, Alpha jets, a Rafale, and a number of Mirage 2000. A number of Bell & Ross watches were also on display.
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