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120th Anniversary of Hamilton Watches


Hamilton is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year.

The brand was born in Pennsylvania, USA, in 1892 - the same year that basketball, the diesel engine, the vacuum flask, and the first Braille writing machine were invented.
Various timekeeping milestones have been achieved throughout the brand's rich history, including the creation of the Hamilton Ventura in 1957, the world's first electrical, battery-powered watch; and the launch of the very first digital watch in 1970.
"From the early years of bringing safety to the American railroads with punctual pocket watches, and efficiency to the skies and seas with wristwatches and navigational equipment, Hamilton has always had its eye on modernity," the brand notes. "True pioneers open up and prepare unbroken ground for others. Hamilton is proud to have led the way in many fields – and committed to discovering new watchmaking territories with every passing year."
A 1902 pocket watch; a 1957 Hamilton Ventura, the world's first battery-powered watch.
To celebrate the anniversary, Hamilton has partnered with the National Watch and Clock Museum to create a public display of Hamilton archives. A month-long exhibit will open at Tourneau Time Machine in New York on June 4th.
The exhibit will include vintage timepieces, old advertisements, photos of the original Hamilton factory, company newsletters, and Hamilton's VOTEC 221 Mock-Up Aeroplane. The aircraft is a one-to-one replica of the plane Hamilton pilots fly; it measures over 19.5ft long, weighs approximately 1,000lbs and has a wingspan of 20.7ft.
Hamilton advert from 1937
The National Watch and Clock Museum has also helped to create a virtual archive at the brand's website, so fans that are unable to attend the New York exhbition can explore Hamilton's rich history online. A History Timeline showcases important moments from the last 120 years, while a virtual Hamilton Museum allows visitors to explore past watch designs, adverts and TV commercials.

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