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Hamilton Khaki BelowZero Watch Review

Abandoned in Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney is alone on the unfamiliar hostile planet after miraculously surviving a strong, fierce storm. However, the astronaut is not totally alone with another survivor being the Hamilton Khaki BelowZero making it’s debut on the big screen on the 30th September!!!


It’s no surprise that the powerful Hamilton timepiece lived to tell the tale with it’s robust stainless steel casing with PVD Coating, corrosion resistance, strong sapphire glass and luminova technology that is vital in restricted lighting. The bold masterpiece is fierce, strong and masculine ready for daring missions into the unknown with Mark Watney. The reliability of the Hamilton watch is essential in terms of survival when carrying out dangerous expeditions that can bring unforeseen situations. When every second is crucial a precisely accurate instrument is vital with the Hamilton BelowZero proudly becoming the chosen timepiece due to both the aesthetic and capabilities of such a beautifully constructed piece. The scientist would surely feel some comfort from having the device as his only companion in his mission to alert those on Earth that he is alive and needs rescuing. 


   Rotate Hamilton Watch Khaki Navy BelowZero 1000m Auto H78585333


Will the military inspired Hamilton timepiece live up to the expectations of such a challenging, daring role? We are certain the intensely bold masterpiece took it’s leading part extremely seriously showing all it’s qualities in the film entitled The Martian. 


Who will have front row seats to support the Hamilton Khaki Belowzero in it’s starring Hollywood role alongside Matt Damon?  


In the meantime, head over to Jura Watches to admire the chosen timepiece.




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