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B.R.M V6-44-SA Gulf Watch Review

B.R.M launch two Limited Edition timepieces to complete the GULF collection. Meet the V6-44-SA Gulf and the V6-44-SA Gulf Racing masterpieces unveiled at Baselworld 2015. 


Back in February 2011, the invention of the Gulf model was launched, which has expanded into 9 Limited Editions in collaboration with the racing brand. The two new models follow on from the extremely successful Shock Absorber watches (explaining the SA in the title). To protect the movement from vibrations and knocks - which are conditions expected with the racing sport - the V6-44-SA Gulf houses an exclusive suspended movement complete with 3 oblique and 3 vertical shock absorbers. To maintain their well earned title of ‘leader in watch design for mechanical sport’ B.R.M have developed an innovative, revolutionary case for the Limited Edition that is exclusively manufactured in 100 pieces. 


The V6-44-SA Gulf presents a black dial with a striking pale blue stipe edged with a vivid orange border to reflect the partnerships signature colours. The centre strip embraces the Gulf logo, the contrasting orange hour, minutes and seconds hands and the large number 12. The colour combination is cross stitched into the black leather strap, which finishes the timepiece beautifully. The dial is bolted to the black PVD-treated brushed stainless steel case for a robust, strong and unique look that can withstand extreme vibrations and conditions enhanced by the large lugs, pusher and fastening. 



The V6-44-SA Gulf Racing is designed with obvious similarities and contrasts. The centre stripe is removed leaving the logo suspended on a skeleton dial that exposes the movement. Ensuring that the colour way remains present the orange hands are intact along with the cross stitching yet the leather straps perforated circular holes are lined with the pale blue colouring that compliments the strap loop. 



Both timepieces serve to deliver a strong representation of the racing world intended to excite watch enthusiasts and racing lovers. The V6-44-SA enforces the dynamic partnership that began in 2011 and continues to showcase their “Racing Spirit” in the watch industry. 


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