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Junghan Meister Chronoscope Watch Review

Junghans’ introduction of the Meister range in a variety of new shades for 2015 is spectacular. 


The chosen colours are purposefully classic to enhance the masterpiece and signature features present throughout the collection. In particular, the midnight blue dial compliments the steel casing, hands, markings and cognac coloured leather strap beautifully. The overall colour combination skilfully enhances the hue of the dial allowing for the timepiece to take on a striking persona. 


The blue hour - the period of twilight every morning and evening when the sun is a significant distance below the horizon and the residual adopting a blue colour - is effortlessly captured in the Meister Chronoscope. This fascinating, breathtaking moment became the inspiration behind the exquisite dial colouring that encompasses the watch completely. The magical design influence and powerful outcome embodies the core values at the heart of Junghans; effortlessly merging classic intentions with innovative concepts and ideas to form luxury and truly stunning timepieces.


The striking blue dial hosts 3 counters (the larger two sit at 12 and 6 and a smaller third is positioned at 9), which provide precision and accuracy to the sophisticated offering. The day and date display is presented at number 9 with the luxury brand marking printed above. The exclusion of numbers are replaced with minimalist yet clear markings with finer lines turning into bold rectangles at prominent positions.


Together the fascinating influence, unique design and classic features produce a luxurious, accurate and high quality masterpiece that will excite watch enthusiasts who seek tradition with a contemporary edge. 


The exquisite Junghans Watch Meister Chronoscope is available to pre-order here.

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