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BALL Watch Company Trainmaster Kelvin Limited Edition Watch Review

Ball Watch Company has introduced the Trainmaster Kelvin, a limited edition watch that pays tribute to Lord Kelvin, a pioneer in developing the absolute thermodynamic temperature scale.

In 1848, William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, proposed the need for a scale where 'infinite cold' was the scale's null point. He calculated that absolute zero (the temperature at which all thermal motion ceases) was equivalent to -273°C. This scale is now known as the Kelvin scale, with the Kelvin (K) becoming a unit of measurement for temperature.

Ball Watch Company has compared Lord Kelvin's impact in the scientific field to Webb C. Ball's role in the history of watchmaking, highlighting their shared values of precision and reliability. The Ball Trainmaster Kelvin Limited Edition is therefore dedicated to Lord Kelvin's pioneering work.

The watch is equipped with the BALL RR1601 calibre which includes a TMT mechanical thermometer module. This function was developed and patented by the Ball Watch Company to measure the outside temperature between -31°F and 113°F (-34°C and 45°C), with an accuracy of 97% that only a mechanical thermometer can achieve. The readings are given in increments of 18°F (5°C) in a half moon shaped window at 6 o'clock.

In a further tribute to Lord Kelvin, the temperature conversion between the Kelvin and Celsius/Fahrenheit scales is found on the case back.

The Trainmaster Kelvin Limited Edition has an 18k rose gold case with a 39.5 mm diameter and a grey or silver dial. The dial and hands feature micro gas tubes of H3 gas, a feature of all Ball watches that ensures perfect legibility in the dark. This luminescent technology requires no external source of light or energy and is 100 times more effective than conventional luminescent paint. A date display is positioned at 1 o'clock.

The timepiece is limited to 600 pieces and comes with a crocodile leather strap.

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