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Suunto Watch Supports Scientific Expedition in Greenland

Suunto is an official partner of 'Under The Pole' - a 22-month scientific expedition to chart the western coastline of Greenland from both above and below the waterline.

A team of French explorers set off on the expedition on January 16th. Their aims include listing the polar submarine biodiversity to a depth of 130 metres during a complete season, and studying the relations between atmosphere, ice and the ocean.

Suunto has supplied the team with a range of watches, dive computers and instruments to assist them.

"Under The Pole is a series of submarine polar expeditions aiming at exploring the hidden face of Arctic polar regions," the team explains. "We will explore the coastal ice sheet, open sea ice sheet, glacier fronts, icy fjords and the continental shelf between the polar circle and the north of Greenland."

The expedition is described as "an amazing dream come true" by team leader Ghislain Bardout. The explorers have begun their journey by sailing up the west coast of Greenland, where they will carry out surveys, before wintering on the boat in the Nares Straight. From March to June next year they will undertake a 600 km journey across northern Greenland with Inuit and dogs.

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Photos © Ghislain Bardout / Under The Pole
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