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The NEW Seiko Astron GPS Solar Calibre 5X53 Watches

The new Seiko Astron GPS Solar Calibre 5X53 is one of the most advanced GPS watches of all time


Before I get started – there are a few key things to note about the new Seiko Astron GPS Solar 5X35 watch; 1) think atomic clock accuracy, 2) solar-powered energy 3) twice-a-day satellite connectivity. The new Astron GPS watch from Seiko is one of the world’s most advanced of its kind. At the mere touch of a button, it can adjust your time zone by connecting to a GPS satellite network and even connects automatically to ensure its accuracy twice a day – all whilst taking the energy it needs from sunlight. Whether you’re a globe traveller or just love the quirkiness and technology of a Seiko GPS watch, this is the perfect investment for you this year.


Every surface of the watch’s lightweight, clean and crisp architecture has been treated with a hard coating, preventing it from scratching. In addition to this, the watch is 100-meter water-resistant and has been crafted from titanium, offering the wearer a 40% lighter feel on the wrist compared to stainless steel. A low centre of gravity ensures that it sits firmly and securely upon the wrist, enabling you to travel in comfort (or show off in style). The titanium case of the new Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch also offers all the strength of a steel model, whilst its sapphire crystal glass front extends over the surface of the dial to prevent heat, light and moisture damage from occurring to the display.



All you need to know about the new Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch


There are three models in the new line-up. The Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch ref. SSH107 with a silver dial and black-grey sub-counters, the Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch ref. SSH109, which features a blue-grey dial with black-filled sub-counters, and the Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch ref. SSH111 with a tone-on-tone black dial. All three models measure a compact 42.9mm diameter and will be available to own in July 2022. They’re also all fitted with the Japanese manufacturer’s innovative Caliber 5X53 Dual-time movement. During the daytime, these new Seiko Astron GPS Solar watches are smart and sophisticated thanks to the decision by Seiko to fit the models on a matching lightweight titanium bracelet that will pair just as well with professional and formal attire as it will something more relaxed and casual over the weekend. During the night, the central hour and hands, together with the baton hour markers glow, courtesy of Seiko’s LumiBrite material that assists with legible timekeeping in dark conditions.



A clear days-of-the-week scale can be referenced at 3 o’clock on each of the three new watches. This is balanced by a leap year scale at 9 o’clock as part of the model’s perpetual calendar functions. Other features of the new solar-powered Seiko Astron watch include; a DST - Daylight Saving Time function, a function to prevent the GPS signal reception/in-flight mode, a GPS signal reception function that gives the wearer the time zone adjustment and an automatic time adjustment function, an overcharge prevention function, and a power reserve indicator that can be seen at 9 o’clock. A dual time indicator is highlighted in red and positioned off-centre in the 3 o’clock sub-dial. There’s also a power save function, a reception result display function, and a time transfer function that switches between the main dial and sub-dials, along with a satellite acquisition status display function.



The clever Calibre 5X


A simple push of a single button on the new Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch is all it takes for the hands to move faster than ever to the exact local time, including Daylight Saving Time, thanks to a system that moves each hand independently. The three-dimensional hour markers and crisp dial markings are bold and legible, ensuring that time can be read in all conditions at a glance. The high-speed time zone adjustment of the Calibre 5X Calibre is just one of its appealing features. It also enables the wearer to switch from home and destination times simply and quickly between the main dial and sub-counters by simultaneously pressing on the 2 and 4 o’clock push-pieces. If needed, it will also readjust the time automatically, promising a precision of one second every 100,000 years. If the watch cannot see the sky, it is programmed to remember its last successful update, prompting it to try and find a signal automatically.


A new adjustment bracelet buckle


New for this line of Seiko Astron GPS Solar watches is a newly designed buckle for its titanium bracelet. Ergonomically formed for comfort on the wrist, the bracelet boasts H-shaped links that now accompany a new buckle adjustment system. Minor adjustments can now be made with the simple touch of a button during situations where temperature fluctuations may cause the wrist to expand or contract.



If you’d like more information on the new Seiko Astron GPS Solar models in silver, blue-grey or black, you can explore more details here online or call and speak to a member of our Jura Watches sales team today on 01335 453453

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