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The new Leather Goods in Montblanc's UltraBlack Collection

Montblanc is launching some new leather goods as part of its UltraBlack collection. This series of writing instruments, straps, leather goods and luxury accessories is further leveraged by the brand’s “What Moves You, Makes You” campaign, intended to inspired people to become successful and embrace their individuality. The UltraBlack leather goods collection comprises a wide range of versatile accessories for business and lifestyle, including a mini folio, purse, wallet, and document case. The designs are bolder than ever and perfectly capture the essence of the new line – versatile, tactile and professional. The products are identified by an M-patterned finish across a broad range of soft cowhide leather products – a styling extracted from the brand’s archives inspired the geometrics and lettering used by the company many years ago.


The quality of Montblanc’s leather products


If you’ve dipped into Montblanc’s universe of luxury leather goods before, you’ll already be acquainted with its “quality” appeal and the very authentic feel that these products provide. There are dozens and dozens of leather wallets, cardholders, bags and belts to choose from, but they aren’t like any standard leather products you may find on the market. Montblanc puts great emphasis on the story behind each beautifully hand-crafted leather product. Each piece of leather has a story to tell. Lines and grooves that outline and map out the life of the animal that once was. This is a significant element to highlight from Montblanc’s approach to manufacture, since its latest “What Moves You, Makes You” campaign is all about writing your own story. Every individual product under the new UltraBlack collection underscores the importance of identity.


The German brand has a strong connection to leather goods and has been specialising in manufacturing these products for years. Where it procures its hides from is important, both to the brand and the consumer. For this reason, the company chooses a widely accepted source of leather. The full-grain aspect of many of Montblanc’s leather wallets and cardholders enables a nice patina to develop on the surface of the leather over time. It means that the top layer of the hide has not been removed and has foregone any treatment that could potentially damage the grain.


Montblanc also opts for a mix of vegetable tanning and chrome tanning when it comes to making some of its leather more pliable and easier to work with. Vegetable tanning involves the use of tannin sourced from organic substances and vegetables. The natural ingredient is non-toxic. On the other hand, chrome-tanned leather involves chromium sulphate, ensuring the leather won’t lose shape if it comes into contact with water and heat.



Many of Montblanc’s leather products are completed with a luxurious Jacquard lining which was first created during the 1800s. The process was accomplished by Joseph Jacquard and featured an intricately crafted woven effect that was once incredibly sought after. Leather goods by Montblanc that have been lined with this special design are a great finishing touch. 


The Montblanc UltraBlack leather goods range


The new leather products launched under Montblanc’s UltraBlack collection are incredibly versatile. The mini folio follows in the style of the rest of the UltraBlack collection, featuring an M-print pattern across the surface of its black cowhide leather design. The leather carrier features three card slot compartments, a main compartment and a pocket on the back. It’s also incredibly versatile, with a choice to either carry the mini folio by hand or over the shoulder. The UltraBlack series is where we see a different emblem positioned on an easy-to-open buckle. The closure of the all-black Montblanc UltraBlack Mini Folio features magnets, whilst the interior of the carrier is lined with soft cotton. The Montblanc UltraBlack Crossover Clutch is similar in design to the mini folio, with a main compartment, an open pocket on the back and one on the inside. This too can be carried by hand or worn across the body courtesy of a leather strap that can detach from the rest of the design.


The Montblanc M Gram 4810 Wallet 8cc is a design that really emphasises the M pattern that takes inspiration from the geometry and lettering of the graphics adopted by Montblanc in years gone by. The traditional styling of the black and white Montblanc emblem features on the front of this wallet, which offers 8 compartments for cards and two compartments for banknotes, along with two additional pockets. Similar in design is the Montblanc M Gram 4810 Pocket Holder 6cc. This design makes for a nice alternative to a wallet and can store payment essentials, banks cards and business cards in the front of the design comprising two compartments against an M-pattern embossed cowhide leather.



The Montblanc M_Gram 4810 Wallet 12cc zip around design is crafted from fine quality leather and features slots for credit cards, banknotes, coins, business cards and other payment essentials. It also features a zip with additional pockets and can be hand-carried or worn across the body. Similarly, the Montblanc M_Gram 4810 Medium Pouch also features a zip and is emblazoned with the iconic M print. The two rings on the back enable the strap to be detached for occasions where the wearer wishes to carry the pouch by hand. Engraved into the soft cowhide leather is the Montblanc lettering.


Lastly, the Montblanc M_Gram 4810 Slim Document Case is noted for its softness and its natural hand-feel. The versatile document case can be carried to the office, used in conference meetings, or accompany those who frequently travel on business. Its premium cowhide leather is embossed with the authentic M pattern once again and provides internal space for A4-sized documents, 2 loops for writing instruments, 2 open pockets and 1 zipped pocket.


For more information on any items from the new Montblanc UltraBlack leather good range, you can visit the collection here or call a member of our Jura Watches team today on 01335 45353

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