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TAG Heuer Carrera Muhammad Ali Watch Review


TAG Heuer steps into the boxing ring once again to launch the Muhammad Ali tribute model with a stunning new blue dial. Along with it’s 2016 predecessor, the new addition to the Carrera family is inspired by the fearless boxing legend.


Revisiting an old classic, TAG Heuer is very much influenced by the 1957 Ring Master stopwatch, which debuted the interchangeable rings of scale for timing sports to the world. The Muhammad Ali tribute piece brings this concept to a contemporary audience whilst keeping the essence of the fifties stopwatch in place.




The outer bezel features fifteen 3 minute red bars with a black minute interval to reflect the number of rounds and recovery periods in boxing during the 1950’s. However, today the sport competes in twelve rounds yet TAG has decided to keep the nostalgia of the Ring Master and the era of Muhammad Ali boxing. The inner white ring refers to female competitions where each round is slightly shorter at 2 minutes. The new model is specifically for timing boxing whereas the stopwatch could be used for various competitive sports.




Muhammad Ali’s presence is felt on the blue dial with his signature signed above the date display at 6 o’clock. The case back features an engraving of the sports icon himself to link the design to the brave, bold influencer of his generation.


The first tribute piece to Muhammad Ali was very much inspired by the 2014 Drive Timer Model with some obvious modifications. The new model follow suit with, of course, the blue dial replacing the black of the original. Choose from either the blue or black leather rally-style strap with a hint of red or the bracelet option depending on your personal taste.


The design truly captures the spirit of boxing with the eye-catching, bold dial, a nod to years gone by and a tribute to a sporting legend.

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