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Perrelet Introduces New In-house COSC Certified Movement

Known as a pioneer and pillar of the luxury watchmaking industry, Perrelet watches are driven by a hunger to create only the most precise, visually stunning and technically proficient timepieces in the world. Their thirst for innovation is demonstrated once again with the launch of their new in-house COSC certified movement, the P-331-MH automatic calibre.


For as long as we have known them and been official UK stockists of their stunning selections of luxury watches, Perrelet have been focused on revolutionising mechanical movements. Their history first began when a gentlemen named Abraham-Louis Perrelet became fascinated by the construction and assembly of mechanical movements. He then made history with the world’s first self-winding mechanism for automatic watches in 1777. For this reason, every Perrelet watch you see today houses on automatic calibre at its core as a silent tribute to the founder’s invention.


In the 150 years that have followed, Perrelet have become renowned for their creative use of mechanical movements which are famously noticeable in their Turbine collections. Unlike regular automatic timepieces, these designs showcase the oscillating rotor on the front end of the dial, as a propeller, which spins gracefully and clearly with every flick of the wrist. Since the release of these pivotal collections, the Maison has been busy restructuring the brand with emphasis on the Research & Development of the quality and reliability of its watches. The first indication of their rebirth came at the end of 2019 with the release of the Perrelet Turbine Evo, a series of remarkable timepieces designed in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their Turbine technology. The watches delivered a brand new bracelet design, a re-designed crown and the brand’s first ever COSC chronometer-certified movement.


It now seems that Perrelet are becoming a collector of in-house calibres as they have just announced the release of their latest generation of the P-331-MH calibre. The development comes from the hands-on approach of the owner and president of Perrelet, Miguel Rodriguez, who wanted to take the legacy of Abraham Louis Perrelet to a new level. With the new P-331-MH calibre, Perrelet meet the exceptional quality and high mechanical performance levels required by Swiss Haute Horlogerie standards.


"We have the advantage of owning several movements and components production sites combined with a prestigious heritage that sets us apart as one of the leading independent watchmakers in Switzerland. All this represents enormous added value for Perrelet, which relies on SOPROD for the development – in complete autonomy – of its exclusive calibres with their outstanding functionality, resilience and performance." - Miguel Rodriguez, President & Owner of Perrelet Watches


The P-331-MH Automatic Calibre



Creating an in-house movement is no easy feat, so it is to no surprise that the new Perrelet P-331-MH calibre has taken considerable time and investment to complete. But in the end, its construction is flawless with 100% of the components produced in the legendary Jura Valley of Switzerland. As Miguel Rodriguez describes in his quote above, Perrelet also have the advantage of owning several movement and component production sites which have helped the brand deliver the watchmaking know-how needed to self-sufficiently produce their own manufacture movement.


The Group is compromised of six companies in total which together has ensured all the key components of the new P-331-MH movement have been manufactured in Switzerland and to high standards. Everything from the pallets and balances, escapement and balance springs have been produced in the Jura Mountains. The balance springs in particular have been manufactured by MSE (Manufacture de Spiraux et d’Échappements) based in Muriaux, in the Franches-Montagnes region of the Jura.


Since it’s only been recently conceived, the new-generation calibre P-331-MH benefits from several modifications in comparison to its predecessor first spotted in the Perrelet Turbine Evo. The teeth of the escape wheel boast a better surface finish while the pallet is fitted with better quality rubies. Combined, these two features promise improved performance and guarantee an impressive level of reliability. In addition to this, a new lubricating system of the reversers has been incorporated which allows for increased performance of the bi-directional winding system. The balance wheel is also fitted with a double Incabloc shock absorber for additional protection against knocks and bangs.



Like the first generation of their in-house calibre, the P-331-MH showcases chronometer certification verified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. On top of that, the calibre has also obtained Chronofiable certification issued by the Laboratoire Dubois of La Chaux-de-Fonds. To obtain this certification, the movement must undergo several intense tests to ensure optimal robustness and reliability. Some of these tests include an ageing cycle, traction tests on the crown steam, free fall tests to impacts up to 5,000Gs and exposure to thermal cycles at significant temperature variations.


What comes next, we’ll have to wait and see but we have no doubt that over the next twelve months, Perrelet will be launching some incredible new releases housing their new manufacture movement. In the meantime, keep an eye out on the Jura Watches website for new Perrelet watches or sign up to our newsletter here for all the latest updates on the industry’s best luxury brands.

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