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Oris Watch GIGN Edition Limitee Review

Oris Watch GIGN Limited Edition 01 733 7705 4184-Set 5 23 14FC

Oris’ latest collaboration with GIGN - Group d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale - sparks a new limited edition of the stunning Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter; the perfect companion for the French police force’s special intervention unit (GIGN). The Oris GIGN Edition Limitee embraces an important role for the paratroopers when performing a parachute jump. 


The special operations unit is given the authority to intervene on French soil or abroad if law enforcement is required. Consisting of 380 members, the expertly trained paratroopers are skilled to execute extremely dangerous operations. The units high risk duties involve hostage rescue, counter terrorism and organised crime. Parachute jumps are a regularity for the team with a figure of 6,000 and 7,000 performed over just one year. GIGN assign each operative with high-tech computerised equipment, which informs of vital data to guarantee a secure landing. The paratroopers for instance, are provided with the exact distance to the ground prior to activating their parachute. The very reliable, precise instrument is completely trusted by the unit, yet feel safe in the knowledge that in case of a failure a back-up device is close to hand - or in this instance wrist! 


Oris Watch GIGN Limited Edition 01 733 7705 4184-Set 5 23 14FC


In steps Oris with the impressive Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter that is highly equipped for such a important role. Recognised as the world’s first watch with an automatic mechanical movement and a built-in mechanical altimeter, Oris were confident the device was the right watch for the job. After rigorous testing by GIGN, the partnership began; an honour for the innovative watch brand. 


The Oris GIGN Edition Limitee welcomes the collaboration with a few aesthetic additions to the Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter. The GIGN insignia positioned on the dial and case back showcases the relationship alongside the tip of the central seconds hand coated with the colours of the Tricolore - the French national flag. 


Oris Watch GIGN Limited Edition 01 733 7705 4184-Set 5 23 14FC


Oris have taken on an incredible responsibility. Their technical execution, expert skills and exceptional performance has been tested to the limit and passed confidently. The GIGN Edition Limitee is a much welcomed addition to the Oris collection.

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