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Official Retailer of Nordgreen Watches

The latest member of the Jura Watches family is Nordgreen, a Scandinavian watch brand that takes the notion of environmentally and socially responsible design to a whole new level. As pioneers of conscientious Danish design, their mission is to educate, innovate and market designer watches that challenge our current standards and the latest Nordgreen watch releases are just one example of their commitment to solving environmental challenges for global communities and our planet.


Sadly, it’s not news to most of us the state of our current climate and luxury watch brands everywhere are doing what they can to help take responsibility for their impact on our earth. Whether it’s Breitling’s new recyclable packaging or IWC Schaffhausen’s new range of TimberTex straps engineered entirely from plant-based fibres, watch manufacturers are proving that sustainable watchmaking is possible. Nordgreen similarly takes this approach by making sustainability a way of life and creating useful and long-lasting solutions simply because they know it’s the right thing to do.



Founded only in 2017, Nordgreen watches take inspiration from their Nordic heritage and their strong connection to nature. The name “Nordgreen” is a typical Danish surname and combines two words, “Nord” which characterises their Nordic identity and “Green” which more obviously embodies their commitment to the environment. In the Nordic region, design adheres to a long tradition of creating a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and suitable for the wearer in comfort, functionality and purpose. This tradition is upheld in all the Nordgreen watches available on the Jura Watches website. Let’s take a look at their collections in more detail…


Nordgreen Infinity Watches


Designed entirely with contemporary and sophisticated women in mind, the Nordgreen Infinity watch collection showcases a stunning range of modern and minimalist timepieces measuring to 32mm in diameter. Their deep curvature dials and straightforward profiles result in a must-have everyday piece that will accompany you on any 9-5 adventure. Whether you’re a sucker for feminine rose gold, classic stainless steel, peachy pink strap tones or elegant Milanese bracelets, ladies are certain to find a Nordgreen Infinity watch to suit their lifestyle and personality.  


Shop Nordgreen Infinity watches


Nordgreen Native Watches


Every wrist size is tailored for in the Nordgreen Native watch collection which features a range of ladies and men’s designer timepieces in 28mm, 32mm, 36mm and 40mm. Their unique combination of formidable profiles and subtle detailing are created by award-winning designer Jakob Wagner who wanted to bring the high quality life of Copenhagen into a range of designer watches. For men, we love the instantly noticeable dark navy blue-dialled Nordgreen Native watches while for women, mother of pearl will become an instant favourite.


Shop Nordgreen Native watches


Nordgreen Philosopher Watches


Characterized by their two-piece dials and asymmetric second hand, Nordgreen Philosopher watches celebrate what it means to think outside the box and display the time a little differently. Available in 36mm or 40mm, these men’s and women’s designer watches come with a choice of crisp white dials or statement black dials adorned with minimalistic concave dials, sleek hour and minute hands and coloured seconds hands for instant legibility. As with all Nordgreen watches, the Philosopher collection includes interchangeable straps for versatility and ethical packaging.


Shop Nordgreen Philosopher watches


Nordgreen Pioneer Watches


Last but not least is the Nordgreen Pioneer watch collection, a series designed exclusively for men in search for more complex chronograph complication and masculine Nordic design. The collection takes inspiration from some of humankind’s first concepts of timekeeping like the water clock, hour glass and the pocket watch which were all used to measure elapsed time. Similarly, Nordgreen Pioneer watches ensure exquisite chronograph functionality with central hands for hours, minutes and chronograph seconds, a deep bowl-shaped date window at 6 o’ clock and two concave subsidiary dials for small seconds and chronograph counter.


Shop Nordgreen Pioneer watches

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