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NEW DOXA Sub 300 Carbon COSC Watch Collection

The new colourful, robust Sub 300 Carbon dive watch from DOXA extends its colour scheme with a forged carbon and lightweight titanium case and a reliable automatic movement that meets COSC standards in accuracy…


If you were to ask most watch fans what model first springs to mind when they think of DOXA watches they’d probably say the Sub 300, despite soaring to success with some superb chronograph models during the 1940s. The DOXA Sub 300, with unquestionable dive features, was way ahead of its time. The original pedigree launched at a time when dive watches were experiencing a boom on the market, appealing to military personnel as well as recreational divers. Dedicated to the original 1967 Sub 300 model, the brand launched a 50th-anniversary Sub 300 watch powered by a COSC-certified engine in 2016, which marked a comeback for the popular dive watch. Since then, DOXA has been reiterating one of its most famous and successful designs, evolving it with improved materials and cutting edge accuracy in designs like the DOXA Sub 300 Carbon Aqua Lung US Divers watch.



When DOXA began recreating the original Sub 300 watch, it really hit the jackpot. Rather than creating a new watch and making it look old, the company decided to take an old watch design and make it fit onto the modern wrist. This is no mean feat for a manufacturer of dive watches since tools from this genre are rarely purchased solely for underwater use anymore. DOXA essentially had to offer its audiences a watch that met the needs of the modern man but felt stylish enough to compete in a world where, quite frankly, timekeeping tools aren’t essential. Working on the same grounds as the Sub 300 Carbon Aqua Lung US Divers watch, DOXA’s new line of Sub 300 Carbon COSC watches take a 50-year-old design and reinforce it with a titanium and carbon profile.


DOXAS’ forged carbon case



In terms of the DOXA Sub 300 watch case, there are likenesses and dissimilarities to appreciate between forged carbon and carbon fibre. On the one hand, like previous carbon watches from the company’s range, the inner case and caseback are often both crafted from carbon as opposed to a metal inner case commonly seen in forged carbon watches on the market. Chosen for its lightweight properties, the forged carbon case of the new Sub 300 Carbon COSC watches, even with their rubber straps taken into consideration are remarkably light on the wrist and this is partly to do with a titanium caseback. Forged carbon differs from carbon fibre in that it is not manufactured from sheets to create its final form. Instead, it comprises a composite paste, blending fibres with resin and then compressing them to give the watch case its shape. On the other hand, forged carbon, like carbon fibre is both strong and light. The Doxa SUB 300 Carbon Aqua Lung Sharkhunter, released last year, marked the first carbon DOXA watch.


The new DOXA Sub 300 Carbon COSC Collection



Measuring case dimensions of 42.50mm (width) x 45mm, the dive watches from the new DOXA Sub 300 COSC watch collection, despite their black forged carbon cases, are remarkably vibrant. The series offers a range of dial colours and strap colours to choose from. The concept behind the design still shares the same values outlined by the Sub 300’s product manager, Mr Urs Eschle back when the initial design was innovated. Eschle wanted the Sub 300 watch to be suitable for sports, but rugged enough to explore daring underwater depths down to 300 meters and suitable for leisure purposes. It also needed to be reliable, purpose-built, highly legible and comfortable. True to these qualities the new DOXA Sub 300 Carbon COSC Collection meets these values, yet with a new unapologetically confident colour scheme.


True to the original DOXA Sub 300



Echoing the tonneau-shaped case of the first Sub 300 generation, the new Carbon COSC variety of wristwatches promise enhanced protection against shock impact, deflecting hits sustained underwater as well as on dry land. Eschle suggested a three-way approach to creating the Sub 300’s legible dial back in the 60s which is still underpinned in the watches from the new series. Luminous hour markers against a bright coloured dial and a dwarfed hour hand compared to a distinctly visible and large minute hand. DOXA keeps the same saw-toothed bezel for the new Sub 300 Carbon COSC watches. One of the key features of the unidirectional rotating bezel on the original watches from the 1960s was its equipped US Navy No-decompression dive table. This innovative feature enabled the diver to see at a glance the related depths he could stay at depending on his remaining dive time. Approved by the head of the US Divers Company at the time, Jacques Cousteau, the feature remained an indispensable quality of the DOXA Sub 300 watches thereafter. The markings are identified in a vivid white hue against each of the black forged carbon cases of the new Sub 300 Carbon COSC watches.


Powered by a tried and tested movement, the new DOXA Sub 300 Carbon COSC watches use the reliable ETA 2824-2 movement, which provides a useful 38-hour power reserve and beats at a rhythm of 28,800 vibrations per hour. It also promises an accuracy of -4/+6 seconds a day and offers hours, minutes, seconds and date functions. One particular advantage of the movement is the accessibility and affordability of its components lending to a straightforward service. The new models come in dial colours that include DOXA’s signature orange, as well as Black Sharkhunter, Silver Searambler, Navy Caribbean, Yellow Divingstar and Turquoise Aquamarine. The blue, black and grey colours are also kitted out with a vibrant orange minute hand, protected underneath a sapphire box glass lens.



For the growing popularity of underwater explorers, the orange, yellow, turquoise and blue DOXA Sub 300 Carbon COSC watches are fitted with a colour coordinated integrated rubber strap, whilst the remaining models are finished with a classic black integrated rubber strap. A folding buckle crafted from black PVD coated stainless steel ensures a snug and comfortable fit around the wrist and has been engraved with the DOXA fish logo and a pair of push-pieces. One button opens the buckle, the other releases the extension wetsuit facility complete with 6 positions offering over one centimetre of extension length.


The watches are priced at £3,750 and can be explored in more detail by visiting the new DOXA Sub 300 Carbon COSC series here. For more information, you can also call our helpful sales team on 01335 453453 or email us at

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