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Introducing Bruno Sohnle


Timeless, understated and elegant, perfectly describes the newest addition to the Jura family. We couldn’t wait any longer to properly introduce Bruno Sohnle – a German brand with a difference. Every Bruno Sohnle piece is designed with an attention to innovative technical details, assertive aesthetics and a refined elegance. Each collection seeks independence yet adheres to Bruno Sohnle’s unique style also. If it ain't broke, don’t fix it!


Got time on you hands? Why not peruse the classic yet stylish designs of Bruno Sohnle. If you would like to enquire further about the brand and their watches, please get in touch with our watch specialists today on 01335 453 453 or email at


Bruno Sohnle watches allow for you truly enjoy the best times of your life and those moments that you will never forget. Fastened to your wrist, the subtle timepieces measure time telling us how long we have left to linger in these once in a lifetime moments.


Quality is at the forefront continuing the legendary reputation that the Made in Glashutte label holds. Each collection is designed with a unique outlook yet always adheres to the high standard of this name. Take the Padua line up for example; their passion for creating a young, sleek look that echoes the elegance of an Italian sports car never compromises on quality.




Bruno Sohnle’s design principle truly appreciates Sharon Stone’s words ‘it isn’t easy to be as beautiful as you look.’ Meaning that true beauty is about the whole package – character, authenticity and charisma. This applies to all of the German brands collections but is truly reflected in the Rondo series, with every part carefully considered inside and out to create a beautiful piece where reliability, precision and style work harmoniously.


Our latest addition is definitely one to watch. Be sure to check out their collections here.

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