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How to Choose a Divers Watch


Before you dive into the deep end there’s a thing or two you need to know before investing in a divers watch. The industry is flooded with watches all claiming to be suited for exploring the sea bed yet it is important to check a few things first. Whether you’re a professional diver, an avid swimmer or a first time underwater adventurer, there’s a divers watch just waiting for you. 

Many of our brands design practical yet stylish divers watches for men. From Seiko watches to Oris designs and Certina creations, we have it all. With precision, reliability and functionality being a big part of their appeal. Take a look at what to investigate before buying a divers watch.


Our team of watch specialists are always available to talk you through our selection of men’s divers watches and which will be most suitable for your needs. Give us a call on 01335 453 453 or email us at, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Check the Water Resistance


It might sound obvious but it is important to know how far you’re diving companion can reach without water seeping in. Get familiar with what water resistance actually means when choosing a diving watch that is suitable for your needs. We make it easy for you and state the water resistance for every watch in the specifications section. We talk in depth about water resistance here but take a glance at our quick guide for you to follow.


30M = Splash proof

50M = Shallows swimming

100M = Snorkelling and other water sports

200M = Scuba diving

300M = Professional and deep sea diving


Also, it is vital that the watch has a screw down mechanism and good gaskets to ensure that no water can penetrate as you dive.



Is the Material Corrosion Resistant?

As we all know, water can cause damage over time. It is important that your watch can withstand the ocean and will not become affected by the saltwater so that it does not stop functioning properly. Materials such as stainless steel and titanium are well suited to underwater life as they are corrosion resistant. In terms of straps, always pick bracelets and rubber straps over leather.

Can It Stand the Pressure?

The deeper the dive, the higher the pressure. Therefore, a diving instrument needs to keep on ticking despite the conditions. Those that have a water resistance of 200M + will be able to withstand the pressure with a 100% water seal becoming a trustworthy companion.

Does the Bezel Rotate?


This allows for you to monitor your dive time down to the exact minute. It’s really simple. Place the start marker over the minute you begin to dive and you’re ready to go! Make sure the dial is highly legible so that you can monitor your timings easily. A uni-directional rotating bezel ensures that the dial won’t slip backwards giving the impression you have more time than you actually do. Safety first!



Light Up

Trust us, it’s dark down there amongst the exotic marine life. The deeper you dive, the darker it gets! Make sure that your diving timepiece is legible in restricted lighting. Many guarantee luminosity with coated hands and numbers and a clear, highly readable dial design that can be read at a glance.

Does It Suit Your Style?

And for those who just like the look of a divers watch, style is everything! Good looks usually charm their way onto the wrist especially with the promise of reliability, practicality and water resistance. Luckily, we haves the best-looking dive watches around!

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