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Hands-On with the Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Open Gear Purple Haze

You will find only 50 pieces of the new Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Open Gear Purple Haze watch, inspired by Jimi Hendrix and the god of time – Chronos. The master of regulator style watches launches this new Open Gear watch, shrouded in tones of deep, entrancing purple. Its module plate serves as a dial, enriched by a hand-guilloche technique done the traditional way.


Chronoswiss’ outstanding regulator-style watches are the piste de resistance of its renowned catalogue. The brand was the first to create the regulator wristwatch in a series named the Régulateur collection. Since then, it has become the company’s signature style. Chronoswiss has refined its formula in manufacturing these special watches, acquiring a distinct and unmissable DNA that can be mistaken for no other. These futuristic regulators include jumping hours, retrograde seconds and minutes, funnel-shaped scales, and even “floating” elements. Now the new Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Open Gear Purple Haze watch has arrived in a sleek purple and black aesthetic. Inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze hit, the watch is limited to 50 pieces and features a 16-piece case construction. 


The history of the regulator watch


Regulator clocks first appeared during the 18th century and were powered by weight-driven movements. Traditionally, they were seen in train stations across Europe, helping to synchronise railway signals due to their accuracy and reliability. After this, they were used as reference clocks in watchmaking studios. Craftsmen relied on the accuracy of the regulator clock to set their own models, making reading the time incredibly easy. The regulator style clock aimed to separate the hours, the minutes and the seconds – displaying them instead on separate dials. This non-coaxial layout saw the minutes displayed centrally and primarily viewed as the most important element on the dial, followed by hours usually displayed at 12 o’clock and the seconds displayed at 6 o’clock.



The first Régulateur timepiece was released by Chronoswiss in 1987, measuring a 38mm diameter and powered by a manual winding movement. Since then, the manufacturer’s range has diversified significantly, offering exquisite and highly complex-looking models like the Flying Regulator Open Gear that boasts a mesmerising three-dimensional effect to read the time from. The three-dimensional concept was first seen in the Sirius Flying Regulator watch, which features a galvanic lower level with floating counters sitting atop.


The new Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Open Gear Purple Haze watch


The new Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Open Gear Purple Haze watch showcases a stunning purple case, crown, plate and deployment clasp. The mechanical beauty of a unique, three-dimensional design is offered in the size of a 41mm diameter and sits at a depth of 12.7mm on the wrist. Crafted from stainless steel, its dramatic rich purple DLC coating takes on a whole new aesthetic on the wrist. Parts of the case are satin-finished, whilst the curved bezel is partially knurled. A sapphire crystal glass front is anti-reflective and repeated on the back of a satin-finished screw-down case to expose the movement from yet another angle. The watch also features an onion crown and the case is 100-meter water-resistant. The strap holders connecting the watch to a black textile band are integrated using the brand’s patented Autobloc system.


Paired with this stunning purple case and crown is a hand guilloche dial achieved through an age-old technique that creates the most intricate and exquisite finish compared to the stamped dial of standard guilloche dials. Here, consistent pressure and speed must be employed onto the dial to create 60 individually drawn lines that capture light within their grooves for a spectacular display of tiny glowing purple gullies. Maik Panziera, Head Designer of Chronoswiss applies each of these inimitable lines by hand using a 100-year old machine at the company’s Lucerne-based atelier, reflecting a very special message through its textured surface.



The hand guilloche effect on the surface of this Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Open Gear Purple Haze watch is inspired by Jimi Hendrix and his famous “Purple Haze” record. Also inspiring the model is Chronos – the god of time. While backstage at a club in London, Hendrix scribbled down the lyrics of his “Purple Haze” hit on Boxing Day 1966, inspired by a dream he had where he could walk underwater. Measuring only a 0.275mm gap between one line and another, the meticulous attention-to-detail applied to the surface of the Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Open Gear Purple Haze watch can only really be appreciated upon close inspection. The textured dial reflects Hendrix’s melody of life. The story has it that Maik even listens to heavy metal whilst executing the lines of the dial in each. very special Purple Haze watch.


Inside the purple DLC-coated stainless steel case of the new Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Open Gear Purple Haze watch is the calibre C. 299. The automatic movement features a three-legged Glucydur balance, a Nivarox balance spring, Incabloc shock protection for enhanced performance, a beautiful skeletonised purple CVD-coated rotor, and Cotes de Geneve decoration. It also features a polished pallet lever, an escape wheel, screws and bridges that are put on show through the caseback and via the dial side. The movement performs at a rate of 28, 800 vibrations per hour and provides a power reserve of 42 hours.



The elements of the movement that are exposed through the deep purple hand guilloche dial accompany a funnel-shaped hour scale at 12 o’clock with traditional Roman numeral hour markers, a seconds counter at 6 o’clock and an outer minute track around the periphery of the dial. These elements are highlighted in a crisp black colour to match the Chronoswiss badge at the base of the dial and the watch’s strap. The display is also constructed from a two-part layered structure: an elaborate construction that boasts the hand guilloche technique upon the bottom layer adorned with a purple CVD coating and an upper level that features screwed-on skeletonised train wheel bridges. The hands on the dial of this new Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Open Gear watch are executed in the familiar “Trigono” shape and have been lacquered and treated with Super-LumiNova inlays and tips for enhanced timekeeping in dark conditions.


The new Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Open Gear Purple Haze watch is fitted on a black Cordura textile strap with hand sewed stitching. If you’d like additional information on the model, you can check out the spec details on the product page here, or call and speak to a member of the Jura Watches sales team on 01335 453453

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