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Hamilton Khaki Field The Murph Limited Edition Watch Review


Hamilton watches are no strangers of the big screen starring in a long list of movies over the years. The film that made the most impact in Hamilton’s movie history was the 2014 sci-fi hit, Interstellar. Five years ago, they designed a watch specifically for the Christopher Nolan film, which became integral to the plot with a defining moment.


The original was created with the help of Christopher Nolan himself and production designer, Nathan Crowley to ensure the watch was perfect for the movie that was set in a dystopian future. The film follows a team of NASA scientists and pilots who use interstellar travel to try to find a new habitable planet and consequently save humanity.


The much loved timepiece became recognised as ‘The Murph’ - a favourite of all Interstellar fans, which has returned this year with the faithful recreation of the watch that was fastened to the wrist of the film’s main character Murph. The only difference is that the word Eureka is printed in Morse code in lacquer on the second’s hand of the watch, which can only be viewed with the help of a watchmaker’s loupe.




This subtle yet important feature is a tribute to one of the crucial moments in the film where Murph’s father, Cooper attempts to communicate with her from the fifth dimension by using Morse code through the second hand of the watch he left to her. However, she initially believes this to be the work of a ghost until she is an adult working as a scientist and finally realises it is her father. He transmits the quantum data through Morse code and Murph deciphers this from her watch. Once she understands that she can help humans escape the dying Earth, she throws the papers in the air shouting ‘Eureka!’ The timepiece is key to the award winning film’s story, as without it the data could not be communicated.


Limited to 2555 pieces as a nod to the number of days to complete seven Earth years, which is the same as one hour on Miller’s planet in the film, the Hamilton Watch Khaki Field The Murph Limited Edition is a must for all collectors. The black dial and exclusive H-10 automatic movement with an 80-hour power reserve is framed by a 42 mm stainless steel case. Fasten the black calf leather strap to your wrist and you won’t want to take it off.




Presented in a limited edition box, which was designed by Nathan Crowley, the watch sits at the centre of this special design. This exclusive box is made up of thin pieces of colourful acrylic to represent the timelines of the film’s famous tesseract, which if you’ve not seen the movie, is basically two rooms flowing together with an object moving between time in the fifth dimension. The black box that fits over the layers of acrylic doesn’t quite close to allow a glimpse of the tesseract for a unique finish.


Fans of the science fiction movie can finally wear the watch that helped save humanity. Due to arrive in May of 2019, it is worthwhile putting down your deposit today as the limited edition is set to be a huge hit. 

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