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Garmin Releases NEW Tactix 7 Smartwatch

The Garmin Tactix 7 Smartwatch is the new durable tactical multisport GPS smartwatch built to military standards. Available in a Standard Edition or a Pro Series – customers can utilize all the best features of this new dual touchscreen and button user interface to get the very best out of this new purpose-built tactical smartwatch.


The eagerly awaited new Garmin smartwatch has arrived for 2022 and this year is even more primed for incredibly challenging conditions. The newest multisport watch from Garmin is named the Tactix 7 smartwatch and combines superior performance and navigation features with a brand new five-button interface, plus it’s built to military standards. The new Garmin Tactix 7 smartwatch couldn’t have come at a better time. The purpose-built tactical smartwatch is built to military standards and offers a sensitive touchscreen, an NVG-compatible reflective display that is always on, a multi-LED flashlight for low-light conditions, new tactical and aviation features, and impressive battery life. The Tactix 7 Pro Series is also enhanced by a solar charging feature. We covered this in more detail in another article. In addition to all of this, Garmin still equips the new Tactix 7 smartwatch with the already-popular health and fitness features along with wrist-based navigation.



Easy to use in challenging conditions


The new Garmin Tactix 7 smartwatch can be operated via button controls as well as a modern and smooth touchscreen display, so it can be used easily in all conditions, day and night. Dan Bartel, vice president of global consumer sales at Garmin extends on the exciting new release: “The new Tactix 7 Series is an ideal premium timepiece for everyday use while pulling double duty as a must-have for any tactical kit. Whether heading to the gym, hiking with your family or preparing to land on the X, you can depend on Tactix 7 to help get you there. Thanks to premium materials and a new sophisticated design, Tactix 7 is a trusted companion whether you’re in the field on assignment or in a meeting with clients. It is truly a watch ready for any challenge.”


Built to military standards


The new Garmin Tactix 7 smartwatch is built to meet MIL-STD-810 military standards. The watch is available in three different models but all uphold a 100-meter water-resistant case, feature a Fiber-reinforced polymer case with a lightweight black DLC-coated bezel and rear cover, and feature metal buttons with reinforced metal lugs for a rugged and robust construction that is made to match the toughness of its wearer. The new Tactix 7 watches, both Standard and Pro, feature a 1.4” display protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire lens. The touchscreen on the new Tactix 7 is new, along with its traditional button interface, which provides direct access to a multitude of functions and selections. As the wearer, you can now engage physically with features like the smartwatch’s topographical maps when you’re out and about. The multi-LED flashlight can be enjoyed in green or white colour and provides a clear, bright and steady light alongside a night vision compatible display.



There are clever security features built into the new Garmin Tactix 7 smartwatch. You can now train and partake in operations whilst the model’s stealth mode collects data like distance travelled and biometric information, without it storing your location data, protecting operational data as it does so. There’s also the ability to completely wipe out all user data in seconds with the kill switch should a threat become imminent. In the standard edition of the Garmin Tactix 7 smartwatch, a significant battery life of four weeks is granted whilst in smartwatch mode. Whilst airborne, the wearer can use the Jumpmaster feature. This enables the wearer to follow military guidelines to calculate high altitude release points alongside new HAHO, HALO, and Static features. MGRS and latitude/longitude data can now also be displayed simultaneously as two sets of coordinate systems on one screen. All the while, if the watch is being used during the night, the screen will reduce to a level that won’t interfere with night vision goggles. If you’re a professional aviator, you’ll also be able to make use of the Direct-To Navigation feature, which displays the direct route to airport pathways whilst also making the most out of NEXRAD radar, METARs and TAFs features that enable you to see barometric pressure, winds, and visibility.


For everyday wear


Aside from the new Garmin Tactix 7 smartwatch’s advanced aviator and military features, the watch comes integrated with 24/7 health and wellness tools that include the already-successful Body Battery™, Fitness Age and Sleep Score, Advanced Sleep Monitoring, Pulse Ox, wrist-based heart rate, respiration and stress tracking. Garmin’s inReach® Mini 25 and dog tracking devices like Alpha® 10 are also compatible with the device.



You can reach your daily and weekly fitness goals with this new smartwatch in the same way possible as before. Dedicated sports apps that include everything from strength training to mountain climbing to hunting are all offered in the new Tactix 7 watch by Garmin, plus a new HIIT activity profile feature, enabling you to reach your peak performance and track your progress with data displayed easily and clearly on screen. This is also thanks to features like; Recovery Time Advisor and Real-Time Stamina, which track and monitor exertion, stress, daily activity and sleep to estimate your correct recovery time, as well as attributes like the Daily Workout Suggestions feature, which acts as your own portable on-the-go personal trainer to suggest training loads and overall fitness levels.


Expert global navigation


Improved position accuracy is also promised in the new Garmin Tactix 7 smartwatch. This is made possible by the watch’s multi-band GNSS support, which excels itself in areas where GNSS signals are low. With the ability to freely download additional maps from all over the world, combined with pre-loaded Public Land Boundaries Maps and SkiView Maps - you can go off-grid to bike, hike, trek and mountain climb without the fear of losing track of where you are. The model is fitted on a black silicone strap that is easily swapped out for any other QuickFit strap of the same size.



The new Garmin Tactix 7 smartwatch is available to pre-order here, along with so many more features to explore on the watch’s product page. For more information you can also call 01335 453453 and speak to a member of our Jura Watches sales team today.

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