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Exploring Edox Watches

Just recently, Jura Watches welcomed Edox watches to our extensive and ever-evolving luxury watch collections. Are you familiar with Edox watches and all that the brand stands for? If not, delve straight in. We’ve covered everything you need to know about Edox watches as a brand, including its provenance and its journey through time, highlighting some of the company’s most collectable and popular dive watches to date…


Let’s dive back in time…


Edox is a leading dive watch brand that has dedicated almost 140 years to creating exceptionally reliable, high quality dive watches at an affordable price. The brand’s logo is a nod to the earliest methods of timekeeping - the hourglass. To understand how far Edox has come as an expert dive watch specialist and manufacturer, it is first important to take a look at the history of the brand. Edox was founded in 1884 by Christian Ruefly-Flury, a talented watchmaker based in Bienne, Switzerland. Over the next few decades, the company would go from crafting pocket watches to employing over 500 watchmakers. During the 1950s the company enlarged and by 1961 the brand had developed one of its most famous watches – the Delfin, which we’ll go into detail on shortly. The company then moved from Bienne, Switzerland to the Jura region and in the 1980s became its own family-owned independent watchmaking company with an incredible reputation, soon developing the world’s slimmest calendar watch in 1998.


Developing the Edox Delfin


In 1961, engineers at Edox developed a patented crown system with a double waterproof joint. This innovation, which didn’t need to be screwed, was easy to handle and was paired with a double case bottom, paving the way for the 500-meter water-resistant Edox Delfin dive watch. Wealthy clientele and boat owners, as well as divers, became interested in the dive tool, which sparked the beginnings of a very fruitful relationship between the watchmaker and the luxury boat industry. Soon after came the “Bluebird” watch, made with the same double casing and patented crown system but with shock absorbers.



During the 1970s, Edox presented the first real GMT watch called the Geoscope. As well as the GMT time zone function, the watch also displayed the position of the sun and featured a dial that turned completely on its own axis within 24 hours. This highly desirable watch became one of the industry’s famous milestone inventions and still remains a sought-after timepiece to this day.


Edox and Sport


Edox has a close relationship with the sporting world, having become the official timekeeper for the Class 1 World Power Boat Championships in 2006. As a result of this partnership, new satellite-assisted and GPS-technology based timekeeping was produced between the two – a series of high-tech-measuring instruments that have passed stringent tests and standards according to water resistance, shock resistance and precision. In 2008, Edox became the official timekeeper for the Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC) followed by the official timekeeper of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). Just two years later, Edox signed a partnership with Austrian free-diver Christian Redl, as well as the official timekeeper of the Dakar Rally in 2012.


Popular Edox watch collections:


In addition to popular watches like Edox’s Les Bemonts and Les Vauberts watches, some key collections have stood the test of time, helping to grow the brand’s reputation in creating expertly developed watches since its birth back in 1884. We’ve covered some of these here…


Edox Delfin watches:



Born in the year 1961 Delfin watches by Edox have become a benchmark-setting design for other dive watch manufacturers within the industry, not to mention collectables for keen dive enthusiasts and those who frequently take to the water. The basis of the Delfin’s design was the innovative crown with a double gasket that ensured improved water resistance. The feature was patented in the same year and is still used by several major Swiss watch brands. The key features of an Edox Delfin watch are its impressive water resistance and shock absorbency. The models from the collection vary from dynamic and sleek, such as those crafted from black PVD coated stainless steel cases, to more elegant wristwatches like those crafted from stainless steel and yellow gold PVD. From bi-compax chronograph layouts to three-counter chronograph versions, Edox Delfin watches are both sporty and versatile for a myriad of uses on the wrist.


Edox Skydiver watches



Edox Skydiver watches are characterised by their legible dials and beautiful vintage looks. Perfect readable in all conditions. The Edox Skydiver utilizes lume-coated dial elements treated with Super-LumiNova X1 for instant legibility. They also embrace the archetypal “dive tool” look with striking unidirectional rotating bezels, date apertures and a myriad of different dial colours, bi-colour metal bracelet options and vintage-inspired cow leather straps to choose from. The series is also renowned for being home to Skydiver watches with a staggering 1000-meter water resistance.


Edox Grand Ocean watches



Adhering to the needs of the professional sailor, yacht-goer or die-hard dive watch collector  - the Grand Oceans watch collection by Edox is the place to go for an elegant, sporty-looking water-ready watch that doubles up as a classic statement piece by night. The models from this collection boast 300-meter water resistance and gently tapering lugs that give each case an almost-tonneau-shaped silhouette. In this collection, yellow gold PVD coated cases sit next to steel and rose gold bezel models, skeletonised dials and sporty chronographs. Designed to be worn under intense use but also elegant and stylish for formal occasions, the Edox Grand Oceans watch collection is one of the brand’s most versatile families.


Edox CO-1 watches



Edox CO-1 watches were originally developed for the Norwegian Powerboat racer, Pal Vilrik Nilsen and can endure severe, intense conditions making them ideal for Powerboat racing enthusiasts. If scuba diving and outdoor activities are also your thing, you’ll find that the collection offers plenty of choice, alongside a selection of different finishes, dial colours and functions. Some of these features include helium escape valves for compression diving, strong anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass tops for referencing the dial at any point during the day or night, and ceramic bezels that can be manipulated easily underneath wet fingers.


Edox The North Sea – Limited Edition



There are only 320 pieces of the sought-after Edox North Sea Limited Edition watch, making each one incredibly good investments for the future. Luckily, we here at Jura Watches secured the bronze-cased beauty, which combines a legible black Arabic numeral dial with an automatic movement, a unidirectional rotating bezel and a black leather strap with vintage-inspired contrast stitching. Sitting alongside this is the North Sea Special Edition watch -  a black PVD coated model inspired by a 1978 diver’s watch launched by Edox, completed on a dark brown leather strap.


To view all the Edox dive watch collection, you can check out the range here, or call a member of our sales team at Jura Watches on 01335 453453 to enquire about any particular model directly with a member of staff.

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