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Bell & Ross Watch BR 01 92 Burning Skull Review


Bell & Ross skull-fully reinvent the BR01 Skull timepiece with intricate artistry. The new instrument celebrates the art of tattooing without neglecting their devotion to military. The striking skull face is framed with engravings that reflect complex artwork usually inked on the skin. The decorative design consists of flames that surrounds the skull with the motif continuing onto the case back also; a pattern that sparked the name Burning Skull


The bold artwork is inspired by the mythical fires of hell centred around ideas of destiny and mortality. With a closer look the detailing reveals a heart, rose, scythe and hourglass that lurk hidden in the motif. The concept adds depth, intrigue and symbolism to the artistic masterpiece that instantly demands attention. 



Without skill, craftsmanship and attention to detail the Burning Skull engraving could not be achieved. The intricacy of the effect is a lengthy process with the engraving filled with black ink/varnish manually; a similar process of a tattoo artist marking the skin. The artwork is fired several times to fix the lacquer ensuring that the ink is permanently set. Each case is worked on over several hours becoming a painstaking job for a steady hand. However, the results are certainly worth it! 




The skull is created from stamped metal taking cue from the process of manufacturing coins and medals. To create a truly eery feel intensifying the terrifying stare of the skull, the black eyes, jawline, nose and outline is coated in SuperLuminova. A feature that definitely brings the instrument to life on the wrist. 


The BR01 Burning Skull piece is a truly unique dedication to Bell & Ross’ expertise and exceptional skill. The commitment to designing a timepiece that requires the lengthy, intricate detailing demonstrates their devotion to high quality, original watches. With only 500 pieces in existence the artistry is an exclusive design only to be appreciated by the select few. 

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