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Bell & Ross BR V2 92 Racing Bird Limited Edition


Bell & Ross continue on their quest for speed and performance. Leaving racing cars behind – we all remember the slim line speed machine of last year, the Bellytanker – the aviation inspired brand return to their roots that conquer the skies by designing a high-speed plane that qualifies for a place in the Reno Air Races.


The Reno Air Races is an annual aviation competition that tests the most extreme speeds. Set at the edge of the American desert in Reno, Nevada, the event allows for planes to fly at full speed and at very low altitude due to the closed circuit lined with 10-metre-high pylons. To compete in such a thrilling air racecourse of this stature, the pilots require a daring character and precise execution with a machine to match. Creative director and co-founder of Bell & Ross, Bruno Belamich designed a flying machine with exceptional power, aero dynamism and maneuverability – meet the BR-Bird; a slick, contemporary propeller-engine aircraft with a single-seat becoming a serious contender for the legendary competition. Made completely from a high-tech material consisting of graphite, fiberglass, titanium and aluminum alloy, the BR-Bird is powered by a V12 Rolls Royce Falcon developed on a Merlin base.





To celebrate Belamich’s ultramodern invention, the Bell & Ross design studio launch two incredible watches inspired and named after the flying machine. The two limited editions of 999 pieces each successfully blend the brands fascination with aviation and their creative passion. The instruments continue the BR Birds stylised aesthetic with clean lines, a hint of tangerine orange and midnight blue against the stark white dial. Both pilot watches champion Bell & Ross’ drive for adventure in the skies, turning their dream into reality with the wings of the BR-Bird. The bold timepieces continue the brands legacy with a highly legible, precise and reliable design that brings speed intensity to the wrist.

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