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U-Boat Classico GMT Iridescent Effect Watch Review

U-Boat Watch Classico 45 GMT 45 BE 8051

Italo Fontana - the founder of U-Boat - is intent on sharing his understanding of innovation with the release of the new Classico GMT. His passion for implementing advanced techniques and unique materials results in a fascinating timepiece that can change colour. Yes - you heard correctly - the instrument has a thin layer of Anatolite, which is recognised as ‘the most effective existing colour-change gem.' Applied under the thick, scratch proof sapphire glass the dial is able to change from amber yellow to green.


Intrigued? Let’s see how this works.


The rare special stone transforms the dial to different shades when placed under various light sources. The glow will delight the wearer as the subtle watch face will suddenly embrace an amber yellow in some lights and green in others depending on the warmth of the source. An incredible yet simple idea that has revolutionised the U-Boat watch. 


U-Boat Watch Classico 45 GMT 45 BE 8051


The Classico GMT boasts a 45 mm diameter with a stainless steel case with stain finish. Italo’s concept of a pure, timeless design is evident with the strong yet minimal dial that provides the necessity of time keeping - the hours, minutes, small seconds, date display and GMT functions via the U-2893 movement. 


For a robust, stealthy appearance the Bezel ring is made from polished tungsten, which is recognised as the ‘strongest of natural metals and often used in electrical and military applications.’ It has been proven that the tiniest amount can strengthen the alloy to the point where it is claimed unbreakable - an impressive fact that allows for the U-Boat release to embrace a powerful edge. 


Mr Fontana has successfully astonished watch enthusiasts with his ability to infuse innovation and forward thinking with a timeless design and without straying from U-Boat’s powerful signature style. His interest in moving the brand in a new direction is exciting and necessary yet remains true to his roots.

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