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Oris Artix Skeleton Watch Review

Oris Watch Artix Skeleton Leather 01 734 7714 4054-07 5 19 81FC

Gather around, gather around a spectacular revelation is about to commence. Don’t miss out on Oris’ incredible show ‘What Lies Beneath.’ It is a one time opportunity that aims to excite and thrill watch enthusiasts worldwide in the lead up to Baselworld 2016. Prepare to be amazed as Oris finally reveal what lies beneath the enclosed dial of the Artix collection. The beautiful, exquisite dials steps aside to unveil the core of the timepiece that is usually kept hidden. Finally, tonight, the secret is revealed!


Children and adults welcome……………….


Tonight we present to you all the magnificent Oris Artix Skeleton; a bold, brooding timepiece with it’s skeletonised, black-plated mechanical movement. The watch marries both traditional and contemporary watchmaking bringing the most advanced design and finishing techniques to the table. Delve deeper into the three-dimensional dial to explore the skeletonised parts that are finished in various black and grey shades. Appreciate the intricate, complex movement and the beauty in watchmaking as you cast your eyes on the powerful, strong design before you.



Come closer. Can you see how the company name is fitted effortlessly into the bridge of the dial at 3 o’clock? Elegant isn’t it? If you look closely you may catch a glimpse of Oris’s signature Red Rotor as it rotates. A smaller diameter at 39mm provides dial intensity and a contemporary feel to this new release. Don't you think?


Thank you all for joining us at this exciting time tonight. We are sure that you were AMAZED by the big revelation and are looking forward to the launch in March 2016! 


Good night! 



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