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Why Choose a Quartz Watch Movement?

A key choice that confronts anyone buying a watch is whether to opt for a mechanical or quartz movement. Both types of movement have their own advantages. In this article, we'll look at the benefits of choosing a timepiece with a quartz movement. Mechanical loyalists needn't fear. We'll be looking at what makes you tick next week.


So, what makes quartz movements special?


Trustworthy. Quartz watches are undemanding. They're wear and forget watches that just faithfully get on with the job they've given to do. With a quartz watch on your wrist, you know you've got a trusty companion. They'll keep going for as long as the battery lasts, which can be up to 10 years.


Convenient. Unlike mechanical watches, you don't have to remember to keep winding a quartz watch. This can prove handy if you're too busy to remember to pay attention to your watch every morning. There's nothing worse than missing a vital business meeting, and your only excuse is that your watch stopped.


Relaxing. On a lazy Sunday morning, or perhaps for the whole weekend, sometimes you just want to go watchless and forget about the time. Even automatic mechanical watches will come to a stop if you don't wear them (unless you keep them on a watch winder). With quartz watches, you don't have that worry. You can leave your watch at home for the weekend, and come Monday morning, it will be ready to go.


Extreme Accuracy. Even the best mechanical watches can lose or gain several seconds every day. Quartz watches, by contrast, are accurate to within a few seconds a month. If you're the kind of person who needs extreme accuracy (are you always "just in time" for your train to work?) then a quartz watch is what you need.


Durable. Are you an outdoor adventurer or thrill-seeker? While there are mechanical watches designed for rugged environments, it's in the extremes that quartz exceeds. If you want to keep time with you on your adventures, then consider choosing quartz. What's more, quartz watches are typically lighter on your wrist, making them less intrusive.


Affordable. Quartz watches are usually lower cost than their mechanical cousins. That's true when it comes to purchase price and maintenance costs.


Feature Rich. Do you need a watch to tell you the air pressure so you can predict the weather? Or how high you are above sea level? Or to point you in the right direction with a compass? This rich functionality tends to be the preserve of digital watches, which keep time with quartz movements.


Technologically Advanced. With a quartz watch on your wrist, you know you're up to date with the latest time-keeping technology.


In short, quartz watches are watches you can wear and forget. They're ideal for timepiece lovers who live to a tight schedule, who have an adventurous lifestyle, or who need a quality watch at an affordable price point.


Now it's you turn: Why would (or wouldn't) you choose a quartz watch? Let us know in the comments.

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