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Sinn U212 S E Watch Review

Sinn Watch U212 S E Leather Limited Edition 212.030 Leather

by Angus Davies,


Sinn, the German watch brand has released an interesting new diver’s watch, the U212 S E, limited to 300 pieces and produced from ultra-robust diver’s ‘German Submarine Steel’ that is eminently resistant to salt-water corrosion. 


This is a large timepiece with a case diameter of 47mm and represents the biggest diver’s watch the Frankfurt-based company has made to date. 


The inventory of functions is restricted to the bare essentials of hours, minutes, central sweep seconds and date. The outer case features a black hard coating, contrasting magnificently with the ivory-coloured dial detail. The hour and minute hands, together with the indices, are treated with luminescent coating, proving especially legible, even in dim light conditions. 


This is a true diving instrument. It has an impressive water resistance of 1000 metres and conforms to the technical requirements of DIN 8306. The bezel is unidirectional and features a crimped edge to aid adjustment. 


The watch is shock resistant to DIN 8308 and has anti-magnetic properties which meet the standards set out in DIN 8309 i.e. able to resist 4800 A/m. The movement is equipped with a hacking seconds, proving ideal for synchronising the watch with a reference clock. 


It is the many attributes of this watch which make it highly desirable. In addition, I appreciate the palpable ‘honesty’ it proffers. It’s a tool watch, ideally suited to professional use, but equally at home on the wrists of land dwellers.

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