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Fortis Space Mission Anniversary Watch Review


As the official supplier of the Russian space program, designer watch brand Fortis has created a watch to commemorate the event of the first human being going into space.

On April 12, 1961, Russian pilot Yuri Gagarin was that first human to go into space on the spaceship Vostok1. To mark this historic event, Fortis has now created the Yuri Gagarin GMT. Only 300 of the designer watches have been produced and each has a portrait of Yuri Gagrin on the back of the case.

Around half of the limited edition watches will be given away by Federal Space Agency Roscosmos to family and friends in the space community. The rest will be available to buy from May 2011.

The Fortis watch also features an automatic Swiss movement water resistance to 200 metres a special imprint on the dial and more.

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