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Bell & Ross Watches New Headquarters


Luxury watch brand Bell & Ross has announced it is taking up new headquarters in Paris.

For the past 13 years the luxury watch-maker has been stationed at rue Saint-Honoré, but it is now moving to the 16th district of Paris at 8 rue Copernic. The firm said it needed a new workspace to reflect its image and growing ambitions.

The six-floor 1888 townhouse headquarters measures 1,000 square metres and will be the base for all the company’s departments, such as the Creative Studio where new luxury watches are designed, the Communications team and Sales and Logistics. There is also a Watchmaking Workshop in charge of after sales and quality control. Watch manufacture will continue to take place in Switzerland, though.

A spokesperson for Bell & Ross watches said: “By installing its new headquarters in a prestigious location where elegance meets functionality, Bell & Ross has chosen an environment that resembles the watch brand: both steeped in history and resolutely groundbreaking.”


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