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Accurist Charmed Watch Review


Though their selection is considerable, British watchmaker Accurist introduced something special and fun for the holidays that seemed particularly eye-catching. In these tough economic times, finding a holiday gift can be frightfully expensive. Then there’s the difficulty of making it personal and memorable. 

Accurist’s “Charmed” line presents a solution to both problems, especially the latter. When selecting watches, you’re usually limited to a couple of choices for a particular model. The dial might come in two colours, and maybe there’s the optionality of a leather strap or a metal bracelet. It’s so very unlike the automobile industry, which focuses heavily on customising vehicles according to a driver’s taste and preferences. Indeed, the watch industry produces essentially standardised pieces for customers to pick and choose from. 

That might be changing slightly with the “Charmed” pieces. With this line, Accurist gives you the power to choose what your watch will look like. Twelve distinct pieces are available. Some come exactly as they’re shown, while others are intended for you to select the beads and stoppers that you want on the bracelet. Particularly attractive was the “Pretty in Pink.” It comes silver-plated, with a mother of pearl dial. The chord-like bracelet is inundated with a number of attractive beads. Finally, Swarovski crystal crowns the bezel. Topping off the deal is a three year warranty. 

The other eleven models are variations of this model, with the basic shape of the watch remaining constant. The price range varies from about £90 to £125. It should be added that the “Charmed” family is exclusively for ladies. To the gentlemen out there who perhaps missed this opportunity for Christmas: Valentine’s Day isn’t too far around the corner. The only real problem will be selecting one of the twelve, or in deciding what to include on your own unique piece.
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