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Luminox Steel Series Watch Review


Steel watches are incredibly popular, and Luminox has now filled this “hole” in its product line--quite spectacularly, too. The Colourmark family welcomes the “Steel Series.” With their black dials and coloured markings, they’ll stay in the spirit of other Colourmark pieces, though Luminox will add some with white and grey dials.

Illuminating these attractive dials will be blue and yellow Luminox Light Technology. This will be featured on all models, as Luminox specialises in developing pieces for military personnel. One of the most pressing needs for these individuals, besides general overall robustness, is night-time visibility.

Signature polyurethane straps will be standard on the original fall 2010 models. However, there are plans in the works to introduce steel bracelets to the steel line sometime in early 2011. Luminox intends for these pieces to replace its older steel Navy SEAL series. The carbon polymer SEALs will still be offered, but now they’ll be complemented by the new steel series.

What is known about the steel line-up points to a very successful and attractive watch. The 44mm case is large and obviously constructed of good old steel. Together with screw crowns and case backs, the Steel Colourmarks are rated for water resistance to 200 metres. Moreover, the watches are Swiss Made. Luminox proudly states: “Invented in the United States, Made in Switzerland.” They apply careful quality control and attention in manufacturing to ensure that their horological instruments are well up to the challenges and conditions that the U.S. Special Forces experience. At the same time, Luminox strives to keep its wares affordable to the public. At the end of the day, the Steel Colourmarks fulfil every man’s need for a high-quality, affordable, basic steel watch.

The new Colourmarks hit the shelves this season. Between the hot carbon polymer series and the new Steels, expect to see a number of Luminox pieces adorning wrists wherever you go.

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