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TW Steel Dario Franchitti Watch Review


Well, he’s done it again. Dario Franchitti, whom we examined several months ago for his Indy 500 win, is again making headlines. Mr Franchitti recently won the 2010 IZOD Indy Car Series Championship. This isn’t the first time that he’s pulled this particular trick, either. The 37-year-old Scot took the prize for the third time, after winning in 2007 and 2009. 

The finish was dramatic. Franchitti headed down to Miami, Florida for the last weekend of racing down 12 points to Will Power from Penske Racing. Power had led in the points standing for the whole season up until the weekend of October 2nd. Yet even before this final lap, Franchitti was gaining on his Australian rival, winning three races while behind. With an 8th place finish in Miami, Franchitti was able to inch ahead and capture his second consecutive championship. 
TW Steel, the premiere oversized watch brand, was obviously quite thrilled with their ambassador’s performance. Harry Gibbings, the TW Steel Head of Global Sponsorship, had high praise for the company’s racer. He referenced Dario’s outstanding 2010 season, and called attention to the “TW Steel Dario Franchitti” timepiece. As it turns out, the watch has sold very well. In light of Dario’s recent accomplishments, TW Steel can expect that trend to continue. 

But what makes this piece special, what sets it apart, is the fact that Franchitti was actively involved in designing and developing it. This personal touch lends an air of authority. 

This has turned out to be an outstanding year for TW Steel. Celebrating just its fifth anniversary, it’s continuing to emerge as a global brand in leaps and bounds. They have, as one of their lead sponsors, an extremely successful race car driver who’s coming off a stellar year. If Franchitti keeps on winning, TW Steel will either have to start listing his accomplishments in smaller font on the casebacks, or start designing another watch for him altogether.
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