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Suunto Watch History Review

Suunto is a result of the unique vision of champion-level orienteer and keen outdoor enthusiast Tuomas Vohlonen. In 1936, he invented the mass production method for the liquid filled compass igniting the Finnish watch brand pronounced “Soon-toh.”


His motivation derived from the frustration of the inaccuracy of the traditional dry compass due to the unsteady needle. Tuomas utilised his engineering thinking married with creativity to create a liquid-filled compass, which in turn provided a much steadier needle, better readings and an unrivalled precision. Over the 75 years, Sunnto has dramatically evolved from the initial compass yet always keeps the need for new invention at the heart of the watch brand. Monumental moments in watch history as ensured that Suunto is relevant to the current market and needs within society. During WWII the watch brand provides compact liquid sighting compass for artillery officers, accidentally a diver realised during an expedition that his Suunto watch remained in operation underwater opening a new direction for the label and their ability to compact a diving computer into a watch sized platform became a world’s first!! A few iconic, revolutionary moments in Suunto’s historical timeline that satisfies their need to  continually innovate. 


Today, Suunto remains based in Finland where the majority of the visionary concepts are expertly designed and carefully hand crafted in their flagship factory outside Helsinki. Their core goal is to supply bold adventurers and keen sport enthusiasts with exceptionally crafted tools to safely conquer new territory. The brave and courageous can climb the highest mountains or dive in the deepest oceans with a trusty Suunto companion secured to their wrist. 


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