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Michael Kors Watch Review

Michael Kors is internationally recognised for his contemporary designs that span many avenues in the fashion world with watches becoming a fierce contender in the industry. 


Since 1981, Michael Kors has successfully cemented his own stamp and unique vision into his designs that have been received with praise and adoration. The main ingredients that have earned numerous awards and the affection of a wide audience is his ability to translate a sense of glamour and timeless chic into his fashion and accessory lines. Indulge in the infusion of sophistication, style and modernity that is witnessed in his work and never compromised. Michael Kors has created a lifestyle empire with a worldwide following. His passion for the fashion industry and dedication to fight hunger naturally meets when he collaborated with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). His role was to design the 100 Series watch and allowing for a proportion of the proceeds to be donated to WTP, which enables for food to be delivered to children via its school meals program. 


Michael Kors watches are bold, vivacious and modern with the use of colour, embellishments and attention to detail. The striking collection evolves with the fast movement of the fashion industry never failing to respond accordingly. Creating timepieces that serve to a youthful, creative market yet always catering for a more sophisticated, subtle audience shows the diverse nature of the designer and his ability to satisfy the different tastes of watch enthusiasts who adore his interpretation of design for the wrist. Opt for an oversized dial laced dramatically with diamonds or welcoming a shocking pink shade or choose a subtle and elegant timepiece with clean, neat lines for a more sophisticated aesthetic. 


Embrace the wonderful creations of Michael Kors at Jura Watches.

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