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Sinn Watches T1 B EZM 14 and T2 B EZM 15 Watch Review

Sinn Watches unveil two new additions to their T1/T2 line of titanium dive watches. Meet the striking T1 B EZM 14 timepiece and the stunning T2 B EZM 15 watch both available at Jura Watches. 


Heavily influenced by the T1 and T2 models announced at Baselworld 2013 the new editions mirror the dive watch almost exactly except for a very noticeable difference. The blue hue that embraces the dial adds a new touch to the diving masterpiece bringing the models into 2015 with a unique look that separates from the previous design. The pairing of the beautiful blue shade with the titanium casing produces a watch face that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The rounded white indices and hands contrast against the blue background for legibility and precision; reinforced with the oversized natures of the markings and luminous paint applied to the minute hand and bezel triangle. 


The lightweight quality of titanium ensures that the models are accommodating when diving to hidden depths. To be precise, the Sinn T1 B EZM 14 weighs 71g without the rubber, bracelet or leather strap and the Sinn T2 EZM 15 weighs slightly less at 59g; impressive figures for such a technically minded device. Of course, the watches are water resistant with the Sinn T1 B reaching depths of 1000m and the Sinn T2 B continuing to 2000m.

Both editions host a Soprod A10-2 Swiss automatic movement, which allows for the device to feature anti-magnetic and anti-shock properties in crucial moments. To ensure longevity and survival in tough conditions the timepieces are constructed to be robust and strong. The cases are bead-blasted and the bezel are treated for scratch resistance and operate using Sinn’s captive design to avoid accidental rotation. Other essential features include Ar-Dehumidifying technology to stop fogging when alternating between hot and cold temperatures, anti-reflective sapphire crystals and a low pressure resistance. 


Embrace the new blue T1 and T2 models at Jura Watches.

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