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CT Scuderia Street Racer Watch Review

The CT Scuderia Street Racer collection is for the brave, courageous and slightly crazy amongst us watch enthusiasts with a shared passion for an era that changed the face of motorcycling racing. 


The bold line marks the decade where the competitive sport changed forever in terms of the course, race and technology. The Isle of Man TT Races in the fifties accommodated the changes to the motorcycling industry and the new technology that allowed for heavy modifications. The golden era saw the rise in the sport with a global interest popularising the motorcycle interest dramatically. The Isle of Man TT Race is an incredible street race which demands high speeds of 250 mph on country and small town roads. Only experienced, daring drivers who seek the thrill and adrenaline take part in such a competition that dares to exist. CT Scuderia couldn't resist the opportunity to celebrate the moment in motorcycle history through their Street Racer collection


The modified watch mirrors a street racer participant perfectly with the tan leather strap echoing the shade and fabric of the leather seat and handle bars. The stainless steel case, lugs and daily resembles the body work of the motorcycle complete with a black stripe that is situated in the middle of the dial proudly displaying the checkered flag iconic to motor racing. The dial reads as like the speedometer of a bike taking part in such a daring race. 


The CT Scuderia Street Racer captures the intensity, speed, power and adrenaline of the race with an obvious passion and love for the exhilarating and terrifying race of the fifties. 


Do you dare to take part? View the Street Racer collection at Jura Watches available in a further 4 different colour combinations of various models. Each watch represents a different contender in the Isle of Man TT Races.

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