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Nomos Glashutte Lambda and Lux Watch Review

Nomos Glashutte experiments with injecting new colours into exquisite existing models. The Lambda and Lux have embraced a new appearance at Baselworld 2015 to successfully extend the gold collection with four new timepieces. 


Both the Lambda and the Lux are classed as ‘watches of exceptional elegance,’ which are manufactured from the finest materials possible combined with incredible skill and execution. Nomos Glashutte debuted the two sophisticated designs last year, which secured a place in revolutionary watch design. 


Firstly, the Lambda edition is released with a deep blue dial yet ensures the award-winning design remains securely intact. The midnight blue shade encompasses the dial and contrasts beautifully with the 18 kt white gold casing. The timepiece is easy to read with the silver markings that sophisticatedly stand out against the dark background. The power reserve indicator that dramatically sweeps across the dial in a 297 arc and the elegant hands add to the high legibility and the exquisite design of the new Nomos Glashutte Watch Lambda White Gold Deep Blue. 


The Lux watch is also presented with a fresh new design through colour expression. The outstanding editions - Ermine, Cicada and Sable - possess unique dials in either gray, lemon yellow and aubergine framed again with exquisite white gold. In fact, the new model is a touch more slender than previously providing an elegant wrist adornment. 



The extravagant Nomos gold collection ensures that fine craftsmanship is adopted to the inside of the Atelier watches. Each masterpiece is truly unique and is carefully handcrafted with the outstanding expertise that runs through the veins of the luxury brand earning international recognition and success. Choosing to showcase the calibers via the transparent caseback is particularly extravagant; featuring a swan neck fine adjustment, rhodium-plated three-quarter plate, edges beveled and hand and fine sunbeam polishing which is unique to this particular collection. 


Expect to find a DUW 1001 movement in the Lambda and a DUW 2002 in the Lux. Nomos Glashutte pride themselves in producing timepieces that undergo an exquisite engineering and production process. In fact, only two to three of these type of masterpieces are produced a week due to the fine hand-wound calibers. 


Take a closer look at the Nomos Glashutte Lambda and Lux at Jura Watches.

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