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BRM Watch Art Car Review

BRM Art Car

Art, automobiles and automatic movements collide with B.R.M to create an explosion of colour on the wrist. The appropriately named models - Art Car - make a dramatic entrance at this years Baselworld presenting a bold, dynamic collection full of colour, life and, of course, the brands signature racing spirit! Embracing the famous art car/Pop Art inspiration at full throttle, the series drives into the forefront making a superb entrance that will not be forgotten.


BRM Art Cars


The dial welcomes an ‘art attack’ with a frenzy of vivid colours slashed across the black watch face. Bright red, orange, pink, green, lilac and blue overlap to emulate the daringly bold style of art cars; a technique where artists use a racing vehicle as their blank canvas. The colourful dial is complimented by the grey super light hands and markings providing visibility, which after all is a top priority in the world of watchmaking. The vibrant selection of colours are worked into the black leather watch strap with the multicoloured top stitching, the orange loop and lining of colour hidden within the circular perforated holes. The injection of colour is powerful and strong creating a new influence for the racing brand without neglecting their roots. 


BRM Art Car


"Greys, blacks, these dark colours are hard to digest in our times... we need a little cheer!” states Bernard Richards 


The artistic dial is framed by slight variations in the casing and lugs for personal preference and variety within the Art Car collection. The dynamic series is sold as a limited edition collection with only 100 of each available. The energetic, powerful model will surely catch the eye of watch enthusiasts worldwide!

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