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88 Rue du Rhone Watch Review


Have you heard that 88 RUE DU RHONE is the latest luxury watch brand to join the Jura family; an exciting announcement that leads us to investigate further into the minds of the creatives that have built a very slick, sophisticated and unique presentation of watchmaking. It is time to delve deeper into the origins of the brand to uncover more about the number 88, the famous river, the expert duo, the luxury heritage and the technical craftsmanship. 


Intrigued? So are we……......


The Number 8


The chosen number holds a symbolic significance that inspired the brand making a huge impact on the design aesthetic. Asian cultures view 8 as a lucky number providing good fortune, ambition and power. When doubled (88), soothsayers make a comparison to a four leaf clover, which is recognised globally as a good luck symbol and when positioned horizontally the number eight becomes a sign of infinity; another connotation that will bring positivity and good fortune to the watch brand - and the wearer!!


Selecting the number 8, for all of its symbolic beliefs, the digit brings creativity and innovation to the brand allowing for the designers to be free of constraints and conventionality. The symbol cements 88 RUE DU RHONE’s strong identity, which can be read worldwide becoming a signature trait of the brand. The logo can be adapted creatively allowing for the designers to incorporate the symbol in different ways on the dial, stamped into the crown or worked into the second hand as a counterweight; the possibilities are endless. 


The Street


Rue du Rhone Street


The Rue du Rhone lies parallel to the river (sharing the same name) running through the centre of Geneva. The famous street is home to the city’s elite shopping scene providing a luxurious feel to the area. None of the beautiful boutiques accomodate number 88, which is mysteriously completely missing from the street. The exact location where the number should be is replaced by a magnificent view of the Rhone River flowing out of Lake Geneva; a significant spot where the Swiss watchmaking industry began five centuries ago! A coincidence that sparks the perfect name for the creative watch brand. 


The River

Rhone River 

The Rhone River originates from a source high up in the Swiss Alps, which eventually empties into Lake Geneva and flows out at 88 RUE DU RHONE continuing through France down to the Mediterranean Sea. The inspired creators notice that the flow of water cannot be prevented - not even time - as it constantly changes into steam, rain, ice and snow. As a true symbol of life, it purifies the soul and fertilizes the fields - a precious, intangible thing - just like time!! 88 RUE DU RHONE honours the similarities between time and water with the name of the contemporary brand. 


The Creators


The grandsons of Raymond Weil, Pierre and Elie Bernheim joined forces to create 88 RUE DU RHONE. Utilising their talents, expert skills and understanding of watchmaking the dynamic duo have designed an elegant collection that infuses a contemporary, innovative outlook with traditional Swiss excellence; a winning formula especially when marked at an accessible price range. The co-founders have succeeding in reaching the expectations of young watch enthusiasts by welcoming a high standard of skills when choosing the materials, components and craftsmen to embrace the “Swiss made” label. 


To Finish



It is clear to see why the 88 RUE DU RHONE was welcomed at Jura Watches with their exquisite, luxurious collection that embraces creativity, originality and innovation. The contemporary concept of the number 8 that holds such a charm of good fortune and everlasting luck married with the sophistication of the street name is a clever influence that provides such a strong identity to navigate through the watchmaking industry. Their attitude to catering for a modern audience without loosing the traditional aspects of time and watchmaking makes the perfect partnership. 

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